Stat-X EX Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression

The Fireaway product earned UL Listing certification for Class 1, Division 2

Stat-X® EX Fixed Systems manufactured by Fireaway Inc. are electrical units for classified hazardous areas. These condensed aerosol fire suppression electrical generators recently attained the UL Listing for use as a total flooding system in hazardous areas classified as Class I Division 2 in accordance with UL category code FZED and FZED7.aerosol fire suppression

Stat-X EX units are certified by UL and are authorized to bear the both the UL listing mark for Canada and the United States, Class 1 Division 2, as well as IECEx, and the ATEX mark. This family of Stat-X EX electrical model aerosol fire suppression units complement, but does not supersede, the current line of UL/ULC listed E-model Stat-X aerosol fire suppression units.

The generator housing of Stat-X EX is constructed of exterior and interior stainless steel shells separated by an insulating material. The top and bottom of housing are stainless steel and incorporate a choice of factory installed 3/4″ NPT or M25x1.5mm male stainless steel or brass 90˚ elbow threaded connection. The housing is sealed with a non-permeable membrane and incorporates a mechanical means to ensure rupture of the membrane.

Upon detection of a fire, Stat-X Ex generators are activated automatically from a suitable listed releasing device. All auxiliary system components (release panel, detection, remote pull stations, etc.) are listed/approved by UL, ULC, FM, NYC MEA, and California State Fire Marshall. Once activated the generators product an ultra-fine, potassium-based aerosol. Unlike gaseous systems, they do not require the pressure vessels, piping, or expensive installation costs. Fire suppression is rapidly achieved through interference between the ultra-fine aerosol particulate and the flame’s free radicals—terminating propagation of the fire.

Stat-X Ex systems are low maintenance, compact, and come in various sizes:

  • 30E (.03 kg aerosol mass)
  • 60E and 60E long (.06 kg aerosol mass)
  • 100E (.10 kg aerosol mass)
  • 250E (.25 kg aerosol mass)
  • 500E (.50 kg aerosol mass)
  • 1000E (1.00 kg aerosol mass)
  • 1500E (1.50 kg aerosol mass)
  • 2500E (2.50 kg aerosol mass)