Storm Water Drain Inlet Inserts

StormwateRx LLC introduces Frontline™ industrial storm water catch basin and trench drain inserts

StormwateRx, in exclusive partnership with Frog Creek Partners, announced the availability of its newest storm water treatment product, the patented Frontline™ family of drain inlet inserts to aid in compliance with storm water discharge regulations such as the Multisector General Permit and the Industrial Stormwater General Permit.

drain inletFrontline is available in two common industrial configurations—the Frontline™ CBI (Catch Basin Insert) and the Frontline™ TDI (Trench Drain Insert)—both of which offer the same simple installation, operation, and performance.

Frontline is the first line of defense against trash, oil, hydrocarbons, nutrients, and metals in storm water runoff. Designed specifically for industrial applications, it offers the largest adjustable overflow of any drain inlet insert on the market with a flexible design that fits under the existing storm grate in a drop inlet or a trench drain configuration. Frontline is easy to install—just insert the frame and pollutant filtration devices into an existing storm drain inlet.

Frontline’s stainless steel construction is designed for years of rugged industrial use. Maintenance takes just a few minutes with readily available, off-the-shelf replacement filtration and StormwateRx-formulated media inserts. The filtration bags are available for deep or shallow catch basins while the media can be configured to a site’s needs and replaced into the same housing by one person. Monitoring can be done using the optional sample port.

Frog Creek Partners president and founder, Brian Deurloo, states, “Stormwater pollution is a difficult problem to solve. Our team believes that an arrangement between Frog Creek Partners and StormwateRx will create immense value for industrial facilities seeking reliable stormwater filtration solutions. StormwateRx and Newterra have a great track record in the water industry and we appreciate the opportunity to become a part of their product lineup.”

Frog Creek Partners is an environmental technology manufacturing company that creates innovative products to remove pollution from storm water.

Frog Creek is mission driven and dedicated to improving the health of watersheds by building long-term relationships with clients, partners, and anybody else who has a passion for clean water. Because “Clean Water is a Good Thing™.”


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