Streamline Cleaning Chemicals: How Dilution Control Systems Can Help

Dilution control systems take the guesswork out of proper chemical dilution ratios, are more cost effective, safer, and more efficient to use.

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Coastwide Professional

Remember the old adage the more the merrier? It’s not the case with cleaning chemicals. Too many chemical concentrates can be harmful to your cleaning surface, unsafe for your custodial staff, and add unnecessary costs to your budget. This has led to the growing popularity of dilution control dispensing systems. These systems not only take the guesswork out of proper chemical dilution ratios, but also are more cost effective, safer, and more efficient to use.

Using the proper dilution control system in your facility brings a new sense of simplicity to the way you do business. Chemicals are automatically dispensed at precise dilution ratios while reducing the contact your cleaning crew has with concentrated chemicals. Gone are the days of wasting money on extra products and chemical spillages and waste.Coastwide Professional

Coastwide Professional™ offers two excellent dilution control systems depending upon the size of your facility: ExpressMix™ and EasyConnect™. These systems are both made to dilute at a fraction of the cost of conventional ready-to-use products, giving you more cleaning effectiveness, labor and inventory cost savings that result in a better bottom line. Both systems use functional color-coded design cues as a wayfinding tool to visually communicate product use and specifically designate interaction zones between custodial staff, chemicals, and dispensers. All Coastwide Professional™ dilution control dispensers employ a closed-loop system to prevent leaks, spills, and exposure, protecting your team and business from product waste.

Dilution Control Systems

Coastwide Professional’s ExpressMix™ system is geared to larger facilities such as schools, hospitals, airports, and commercial buildings. The ExpressMix™ Wall-Mount Dispenser can be easily secured to the wall of your janitorial closet. With a simple push of a button, you can safely and efficiently dilute up to four cleaning solutions with water and conveniently dispense into bottles, floor machines, or buckets. Each dispenser is tamper-proof and features locking doors that prevent workers from altering chemical dilutions. This system is simple to use, safe to handle, and has windows to easily identify when chemical supply is running low and needs to be replenished. Each chemical concentrate bottle is pre-tipped to ensure you get the correct dilution ratio every time.

Dilution Control Systems

For smaller businesses, Coastwide Professional’s EasyConnect™ Dilution Control System offers a flexible stand-alone system geared to small-to-medium size facilities such as hair salons, bank branches, or animal clinics. This easily transferrable system makes chemical dilution control effortless for lightweight and hand-held work in single use containers with a built-in dispenser to ensure you get the correct dilution ratio every time.

Coastwide Professional™ offers 14 different ExpressMix™ and seven EasyConnect™ cleaning formulas that feature glass cleaners, disinfectants, multipurpose and restroom cleaners. Several products meet the Green Seal™ or EPA Safer Choice standards to meet your facility’s sustainability needs.

The Coastwide Professional™ brand has a heritage deeply rooted in the facilities industry. The brand was built on years of experience and practical knowledge and is one of the most trusted and reliable brands to deliver more for you and your facilities team. Our products and systems bring a new level of simplicity to the way you work, helping you get more out of your materials, time, and staff.

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