StrongArm FLx ErgoSkeleton Posture Support

Postural support for industrial athletes

The FLx ERgoSkeleton™ from StrongArm® Technologies, Inc. is designed for posture support. In combination with proper ergonomics training, it helps remind wearers (e.g., industrial athletes) to maintain proper posture while lifting and rotating.posture support

The FLx ErgoSkeleton converts user body movements into mechanical feedback. Behavioral changes such as pivoting instead of twisting when turning to the side, positioning the body closer to the load, and bending at the knees to lift with the legs instead of the back, are encouraged.

As users lift a load, the Posture Feedback System engages by applying pressure against the wearer’s back if they move into an improper position. This reminds the user to change their position to reflect the NIOSH and OSHA lifting guidelines. If a user rotates their body beyond the recommended guidelines, the system applies pressure to the opposite shoulder and back. This is a reminder to the user that they should change their position to a proper lifting posture.

strongarm-flx-ergoskeleton-2The FLx ErgoSkeleton is available in three waist belt sizes and offers height adjustment for varying users. It also provides strength-of-flexibility adjustment for posture support in different job applications. The FLx small (UPC#:00051131275225) is for waist sizes from 27″ to 33″, the medium (UPC#:00051131275256) is for 34″ to 41″, and the large (UPC#:00051131275263) is for waist sizes from 42″ to 51″. Depending on the size, length can be from 16.82″ to 19.21″ and device weight can range from 2.25 pounds to 2.45 pounds.

To adjust the FLx Column, users hold the FLx in their hand, place their opposite hand on the top of the device, and put their palm over the Lumbar plate with their thumb on the Slider button. Keeping their palm on the plate, users flip the FLx over and look in the Eye Hole. The spine should be adjusted so the Eye Hole displays the sizing index number. Using the thumb, users push the slider in; while the slider is pushed in, the spin should be adjusted to match the appropriate sizing index number.

The FLx ErgoSkeleton postural support device automatically enforces 12 OSHA lifting guidelines for up to a 41% reduced risk of injury (NC State Ergonomic Lab Test) and up to a 5.5 months payback period of OSHA back injury expenses.


  1. This is a very informative stuff. Actually I was looking for good posture support for my dad, as he is suffering from back pain since many days and he is over weighted too , but couldn’t find perfect one. But your info really helped me a lot thanks for sharing.

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