Studio TK Introduces Pico Lounge Chair

Pico was designed for social settings in the modern workplace and brings a structural element to workspaces from back to front.

Studio TK today announced the introduction of Pico, an inviting, warm, and welcoming lounge chair perfect for public spaces, offices, lounges, and collaborative areas. Designed by busk+hertzog, the team was inspired by Mt. Pico, Portugal’s highest mountain peak, to bring a structural element to today’s workspaces—from back to front.

The low and high-back versions, evoke a sense of comfort, encourage free movement, and open users to various sitting postures. Traditionally bulky and heavy design elements are replaced by an organic yet angular and inviting shape, bringing a structural element to today’s workspaces and further simplifying the often-painful relocation of the furniture, if necessary.

To ensure ultimate customization to fit any space’s needs and style, two very distinct bases are available: a 4-star swivel base and a metal sled base. Both the 4-star swivel base and the metal sled base can be decorated in one of Studio TK’s colorful finishes. When combined with an extensive array of pre-approved textiles from Luum, Kvadrat, and Maharam, Pico’s natural elements provide interior designers with a wide variety of opportunities to create that unique welcoming hybrid workspace.

Manufactured by Studio TK and designed by busk+hertzog, the newly-launched Pico Lounge chair is office seating reimagined. Studio TK is committed to helping architects and designers harness the power of social spaces to build a culture of choice, connection and community in the workplace—all in service of improved well-being and greater productivity.

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