Sunburst Hand Cleaning Solutions

A Complete Line of Hand Washing Options for Commercial Environments

Commercial Hand Washing Solutions from Sunburst Chemicals include a wide variety of soaps and sanitizers. They effectively kill germs and common bacteria to help prevent illnesses and the transfer of infections. At the same time this hand cleaning selection gently moisturizes the skin and is safer for the environment.

hand cleaningThe foaming formulations reduce usage by as much as 50% per hand wash. The entire Commercial Hand Washing Solution line is suitable for use by personnel in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, food service, public restrooms, schools, correctional facilities, or anywhere else that hand washing is required. Each has a shelf life of one year.

The Sunburst Chemicals family of hand cleaning solutions includes:

  • Bouquet: A pink, cherry-scented liquid hand soap that is mild on skin yet effective on greasy soils. For use in hard or soft water, it contains lanolin and has a pH of 7.0 to 9.5.
  • Prestige: Antibacterial hand cleaner that fights germs, is non-irritating, and leaves skin moisturized. It has a floral fragrance and a pH of 5.0 to 8.0.
  • Sundrops 57: A liquid synthetic-based foaming lotion soap that combines mild, but effective cleansing while moisturizing hands with lanolin. Green Seal™ certified (This product meets Green Seal™ Standard GS-41A based on effective performance and protective limits on VOCs and human & environmental toxicity), it is red in color with a mild floral fragrance.
  • Sundrops 67: Foaming antibacterial skin cleanser is suitable in facilities where frequent hand washing is critical. This green liquid synthetic-based hand cleaner has an herbal fragrance and combines mild, but effective cleansing with dual-action antibacterial properties. It contains 10,000 ppm (or 1%) of the germicide PCMX (para-chloro-meta-xylenol). PCMX is registered with the Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA 4026-4).
  • Sundrops 75: An instant hand sanitizer that kills the most common bacteria on contact and contains 60% Ethyl Alcohol, an effective germicide that evaporates. It is for use on clean, non-soiled hands anytime rinsing with water is not available and is clear, gentle on skin, and meets CDC recommendations.