SureCall Delivers Secure Remote Management

SureCall Cloud and Cellular Modem combine security hardware and highly intelligent software

SureCall, the cell phone signal booster manufacturer, introduced two à la carte solutions for secure remote management —SureCall Cloud™ and SureCall Cellular Modem.

secure remote management“These products were born out of the need to equip our customers and installers with solutions that make remote management easy and secure,” said Hongtao Zhan, founder and CEO at SureCall. “This combination of security hardware and highly intelligent software improves the entire signal booster experience for easier installation and better offsite management over a protected network.”

SureCall Cloud

SureCall Cloud is an intuitive application which offers 24/7 remote management capabilities, enabling users to maximize the value of their signal booster deployments. With SureCall Cloud, installers and IT managers alike are empowered to provide seamless monitoring and troubleshooting at any time from any location, resulting in better performance at lower remote management

Users can organize signal boosters by location via dashboard, create customized e-mail notifications to alert performance of boosters, access booster’s historical performance and adjust attenuation for offsite troubleshooting, enable or disable specific frequency bands, establish a performance baseline with periodic snapshots, and adjust uplink and downlink paths individually. They can also view and adjust output power as well as incoming signal strength to ensure optimal performance of boosters for each location.

SureCall Cloud is powered by the Sentry™ hardware, which comes built into every SureCall Force5 2.0, Guardian4, and Force8, and is available as an add-on to Fusion5X 2.0 and Fusion5s signal boosters. Access to the SureCall Cloud application is completely free of charge and getting started requires registering/logging into the SureCall Cloud portal.

SureCall Cellular Modem with Embedded Router

secure remote managementThe SureCall Cellular Modem comes with a built-in router and enables the Sentry remote management hardware to connect the signal booster system to the SureCall Cloud server over a cellular network which completely bypasses the user’s local network. It offers wireless access to the remote management hardware inside SureCall signal boosters—allowing for operation independent of the building’s wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.

While there is a SIM card with activation instructions included with the SureCall Cellular Modem, users have the option to utilize their own SIM card from any carrier.

SureCall’s Cellular Modem is a modular add-on to any signal booster using the SureCall Sentry hardware.