SureClose 180 Hinge Closer

The new option for D&D Technologies’ SureClose® ReadyFit® line opens to and soft-closes from a full 180°

D&D Technologies, provider of gate hardware, has added a new hinge closer option to their SureClose ReadyFit line. A patented two-part hydraulic hinge and closer system self-closes and soft-closes gates up to 180 pounds from a complete 180° swing. This allows the user to fully open heavy gates for unobstructed passage. The two closer system is designed to maximize the life and performance of the SureClose® 180° by reducing stress and wear on components.hinge closer

The system is priced and sold as a set of two hinge closers; the first closes from 180° to 80°, and the second closes from 100° to -2°. It has been tested to over 500,000 open/close cycles on a 180 pound gate in real-world conditions, and maintains its efficiency and strength in all climates.

A built-in anti-back slam feature gradually slows opening gate speed after 90°, preventing damage from aggressive openings.

hinge closer“Our patented two-part closer system for the SureClose 180° ensures low stress on parts and no leaking. That gives installers peace of mind that the SureClose will last, no matter the real-world conditions,” says Jim Paterson, D&D’s vice president of sales and marketing. “It offers two different installation options—bolt-on and weld-on—which gives the installer flexibility for different applications. The SureClose 180° provides consistently smooth results, and lasts four times longer than any competitor on the market. If you want a serious hinge—not a toy—choose the SureClose 180°.”

Offered in aluminum or steel and both bolt-on and weld-on versions, the SureClose 180° is ADA compliant, installs with anti-tampering hardware, and provides vertical and horizontal adjustability as well as adjustable closing/opening force with a precision snap-action latch. The hinge closer is backed by a five year warranty.