Surfacide, iCleanse Join Forces To Combat COVID-19

Med-tech companies partner to provide chemical-free hospital-grade UV decontamination technology to protect healthcare and frontline workers.

Surfacide®, a leader in UV-C room decontamination, has partnered with iCleanse, a leader in UV-C personal device decontamination, to combat the spread of COVID-19 in hospitals and healthcare environments and help protect essential healthcare and frontline workers in their workplace environments. Taking a multi-tiered approach to UV decontamination in healthcare and hospital facilities, this partnership will provide chemical-free hospital-grade UV-C technology critical to safeguarding those on the frontline to help combat this pandemic.UV-C decontamination

As the category leader in UV-C room decontamination and the world’s first and only patented, multiple-emitter UV-C system to safely reduce harmful bacteria and virus from hospital and patient environments, Surfacide recognizes the importance of adding innovative technologies to address disinfecting personal electronic devices commonly used in healthcare that are traveling from room to room, such as cell phones, tablets, and pagers. iCleanse’s patented technology complements Surfacide by offering a patented UV solution that effectively kills pathogens on personal electronic devices highly contaminated with bacteria and virus.

iCleanse Product Line To Be Distributed By Surfacide

The iCleanse product line consists of multiple device sizes, including the Swift XL and Swift 5X, which are engineered to control the disinfection process and adaptable to a variety of locations throughout the healthcare facility. As the exclusive partner of the iCleanse product line in the healthcare market, Surfacide will distribute iCleanse disinfection products complementary to Surfacide’s Helios triple emitter UV-C system.

“We are excited to announce Surfacide’s partnership with iCleanse during these critical times when healthcare workers need hospital-grade decontamination technology they can trust,” said Gunner Lyslo, Founder and CEO of Surfacide. “Essential workers and patients need to be protected from viruses and bacteria that cause serious infections, including COVID-19. Our partnership with iCleanse provides additional key tools that are so critically needed during the pandemic.”

Chris Allen, CEO of iCleanse added, “We have a huge opportunity to showcase the effectiveness of our product, while we are all in this fight together to return to some normalcy after months of fighting the pandemic. Partnering with Surfacide will greatly help in protecting hospital staff, patients and visitors as we battle COVID-19.”

Surfacide LLC and Surfacide Manufacturing Inc. are located in Waukesha, WI and produce multiple emitter UV-C systems. Surfacide is the only patented triple emitter UV-C system, providing the most efficient and flexible solution in the fight against viruses and bacteria that cause hospital-acquired infections.

iCleanse’s (formerly ReadyDock) chemical-free UV-C technology kills pathogens similar to COVID-19. iCleanse products disinfect high touch surfaces, such as mobile phones and tablets, as well as stethoscopes, ID badges, keycards, and many other items used daily.

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