Sustainable Procurement, Maintenance And Reclamation Solutions

Starnet Members are more than commercial flooring contractors that you can trust for your new construction or renovation, emergency repair, or continuous care program. They will provide you strategic advice, data, and documentation to support your organization’s sustainability goals throughout the entire life cycle of your facility.

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As a facility professional you are faced with increased expectations to deliver building occupants a functional, safe, and motivating environment. At the same time, there are increased pressures to demonstrate resource efficiency through sustainable environments. These changes are driving new facility management approaches to positively impact occupant experiences and maximize the facility’s value to the organization.

Standing by your side, the network of Starnet interior contractors specialize in sustainability best practices throughout the life cycle of a floor.

sustainable environments
2022 Starnet Design Awards Corporate Honorable Mention winner completed by Starnet Member Century Floor Space of Grand Rapids, MI.

Sustainable Environments: Procurement Best Practices

In the early 1990s programs such as the The Design for the Environment (DfE) Program at the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began as an innovative, non-regulatory initiative to help companies consider human health, environmental and economic effects of chemicals and technologies, as well as product performance, when designing and manufacturing commercial products and processes. Responding to the public’s increasing interest in and concerns for the safety of chemicals in common commercial products, eventually companies began to differentiate their products in the marketplace. This made it easier for business purchasers to identify products that are safer for people and the environment. Today there are several influential organizations and certification systems that provide decision-making frameworks to support and document the sustainable choices made by businesses in their operations.

Facility managers are seeking access to the data that allows them to optimize product procurement for low impact/high ROI commercial buildings, but they do not have the bandwidth to manage that scope of work. That is where Starnet flooring contractors can step in to document the hundreds of products that may be used on any project and provide a record of your sustainable facility performance.

Starnet members use reliable third-party resources such as SCS Global Services and Ecomedes to catalog all the floor finishes, adhesives, accessories, and maintenance chemistry on a project. This allows for a data driven sustainable review of your projects.  The Starnet service provider can deliver analysis for every flooring product that impacts indoor air quality or water use in your facility. Starnet members allow you to streamline your sustainable purchasing cycle so that you can focus on achieving a functional, safe, and motivating environment for your organization.

Energy Saving Maintenance

sustainable environments
Starnet Floor Care Fast Foamer Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Technology

Starnet Floor Care is broadly deploying a low moisture commercial carpet cleaning system in partnership with Foaming Floors. Starnet Floor Care Fast Foamer Carpet Cleaning Technology is a low moisture foam carpet cleaning process endorsed by Starnet preferred vendor partner manufacturers.

This technology breakthrough eliminates the environmentally damaging practice of waste and rinse water dumping during regular maintenance. Starnet Floor Care has adopted the Fast Foamer equipment and chemistry because water usage is reduced 80-90% compared to traditional water extraction. The cleaning results are superior in every use case. The Fast Foamer is the highest debris removal low moisture encapsulation system, as tested and confirmed by The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI).

For commercial interior space, carpet has many advantages. Occupants enjoy the aesthetics, comfort, and noise reduction of commercial carpet in addition to this new sustainable maintenance process technology. Facility managers that work with Starnet Floor Care members utilizing the Fast Foamer maintenance system can successfully refresh carpet in occupied spaces on a regular basis, leading to a much-improved appearance and reduced environmental impact.

Bringing New Life To Old Floors

sustainable environments
Starnet Member Corporate Floors Inc, An APEX Group Company carpet removal and recovery efforts.

In partnership with CARE, Carpet Recovery of America, Starnet members lead high impact initiatives to eliminate commercial flooring carpet waste from landfills. Working closely with end users to execute circular economy business practices, Starnet members provide solutions to reuse, recycle, and repurpose carpet. The Starnet membership is proud of diverting more than 150 million square feet totaling 70 million pounds of carpet from landfills since the program’s inception.

Starnet member initiatives go beyond carpet to the fast-growing luxury vinyl plank and tile category. They work collaboratively with participating manufacturers to recapture vinyl products and recycle them into new products, including flooring. Each year the coordinated effort recovers millions of pounds of vinyl to support end user sustainability goals.

By working with Starnet Members you can develop a holistic approach to your sustainability goals throughout the life cycle of your floor. The Starnet membership looks forward to enabling facility managers achieve a more resource efficient and earth friendly outcome on every flooring project.

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