Sustainable Floor Maintenance For A Safe, Healthy Return To The Workplace

As your organization returns to work, the importance of maintaining healthy, clean workspaces to support productivity and morale will drive value to the bottom line.

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With very little investment, facility professionals can easily transform dormant space into newly refreshed interiors ready for collaborative work. With the help of trusted professional floor care partners, the physical office can be quickly transformed into a place that increases the feel-good factor and is a deep source of inspiration to an individual associate.

Over the past decade, many changes have occurred in and around office buildings with the variety of flooring and furniture choices in the market. The proliferation of different types of surface finishes was the outcome of several trends building to a perfect storm of workplace real estate. As routine work can be done more easily from anywhere, landlords and employers are creating desirable and inspiring spaces where exceptional employees and clients actually want to join together. This strategy had paid off for organizations because higher quality buildings using varied interior finishes drive considerable competitive advantages. These assets aid real estate management operators in retaining quality tenants and occupiers focused on attracting and retaining talent.

To assist in managing the variety of surfaces and the combination of interior/exterior employee activity, professionals turn to professional service firms like Starnet for support in the following:

  • Safety Compliance – facility executives want partners that will allow them to navigate obscure regulations and avoid risk as a responsible officer. Business leaders can count on Starnet members to be knowledgeable and assist clients to comply with the law and avoid risk. In the commercial floor care industry compliance may involve OHSA regulations, environmental regulations, and reducing the frequency of slips/trips/falls.
  • Sustainable Footprint – organizations are also minding their data points on energy and water usage. Advanced chemistry in use across all flooring surfaces allows for safe and efficient cleaning supported by the documented maintenance standards set by the manufacturer.
    For example, the Fast Foamer technology dramatically reduces water consumption to maintain commercial carpet and eliminates the need to dump any soiled water in the waste stream. This technology saves hundreds of millions of gallons of water every year.

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  • Occupant Safety and Comfort – Major improvements in facility safety and comfort can be achieved through careful service team selection. Practical and common-sense solutions provided by Starnet Floor Care can dramatically reduce the risks of facility entry security or employee trip fall injuries in common areas. It is not necessary to prop open doors all day for noisy truck mounted equipment solutions from the past. That is old technology.
  • Return on Investment – Starnet Floor Care members are experts in maximizing the performance characteristics of different installed flooring solutions with your available budget over time. They can guide you to focus maintenance efforts in the correct areas and will properly handle multiple surfaces using manufacturer approved methods and chemistry. Starnet Floor Care can manage occupied properties with minimal disruption using modern low noise/low moisture equipment, furniture lift and durable coatings technology to transform every imaginable hard and soft surface flooring in a single day.

In the past, housekeeping providers might have been tasked with managing interior finishes as well as trash removal and wiping down phones. The variety of surfaces in any campus, as well as the demand placed on these surfaces by occupants, make it impossible for housekeeping firms to keep up with the maintenance required. Sadly, facility managers watch as their interiors deteriorate, holding restoration work to specialists during holidays or other downtimes to avoid business disruption. This approach dramatically increases the lifetime costs of the flooring and increases the frequency of replacement. Starnet Floor Care specialists can dramatically extend the life of flooring surfaces using the proper chemistry and equipment, with little disruption to daily business operations.

A high level of expertise comes with the Starnet Floor Care contractors. They have the product knowledge and skilled labor teams available to assist facility management professionals to navigate any challenge using an Starnet Floor Care Interior Assessment Plan. Interior Assessment Plans could involve one space, or an entire campus of buildings with the associated maintenance methods and accurate and reliable budget targets over multiple timelines. Each area of your workplace can have a Starnet Interior Assessment with an accurate budget, easily adjusted as your executive team adjusts their priorities and expects their facility leader to execute. Any challenge can be met with multiple options recommended by Starnet members and Preferred Vendor Partners to achieve desired outcomes. The teamwork and easy collaboration supported by a strong facility management strategy and capable interior contractors cannot be underestimated.

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About Starnet Floor Care

Starnet Floor Care, a division of Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring Partnership, is a professional network of technicians specializing in the maintenance and restoration of commercial flooring and interior surfaces. Starnet Floor Care providers operate locally, regionally, and nationally throughout the United States and Canada. The network helps facilities maximize the performance and safety of interior spaces using manufacturer approved process and the earth friendly technologies.

About Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring

Since 1992, Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring Cooperative has served the industry as a trusted partnership of commercial flooring professionals and quality flooring manufacturers. More than 170 independent contractors doing business in more than 360 of the top markets across the United States and Canada have become invaluable partners for facility professionals and Starnet’s manufacturing partners. Starnet members ensure improved project outcomes, complete customer satisfaction and reduced costs for the life of the interior space. Starnet members serve commercial end users with a full portfolio of flooring products, qualified installation, furniture lift, access flooring, subfloor repair and recovery, and continuous care of soft and hard surface flooring and fabrics. The membership’s strength in numbers creates a combined annual volume of over three billion dollars.

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