T2D2 Launches Building Inspection Platform

AI-Powered SaaS Building Inspection Platform was created to identify and assess damage and deterioration to structures through images.

Inspection PlatformT2D2 launched its latest software as a service (SaaS) platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and assess damage and deterioration to building envelopes and structures through images. This building inspection software features an enhanced customer experience via a new user interface and cloud architecture, custom reporting, in-app support, improved orthomosaic tiling, and streamlining of other administrative tasks.

T2D2 is used by engineers, architects, and inspection professionals across multiple sector types, including the U.S. National Parks Service to identify deterioration early and throughout the life of an asset. T2D2 makes it easier, quicker, and less expensive to inspect structures and enables users to proactively identify damage and defects before they become major issues.

The most notable upgrade to the software has been the launch of a completely new user interface powered by a robust cloud architecture specifically designed for architecture, engineering, and construction use. T2D2’s online inspection portal is a cloud software solution that allows building owners and their engineers to conveniently store inspection imagery all in one place. Whether the photos are taken by a camera, mobile device, or drone, it all can be uploaded to the T2D2 Inspection Cloud. The T2D2 portal conveniently allows collaborative access to all inspection data including imagery, orthomosaics, drawings, videos, and 3D models. Tools include AI analysis, reporting, geotagging, orthomosaic generation, and more.

The software can also be used to decelerate the impacts of climate change on the built environment. Frequent and more thorough inspections of built structures are proven to decrease the carbonation-induced corrosion of reinforced concrete. Using AI to identify corrosion areas, paired with early intervention, prevents widespread issues from advancing, which keeps existing buildings in better condition.

The company partners with its network of drone service providers including companies such as Aerospect, Building Science Authority, DroneHive, DroneUp, and Helios Visions, to deploy the AI that identifies visual anomalies and other signatures of deterioration on facades and structures, reducing the need for scaffolding. The software analyzes digital images or videos taken by any type of camera (hand-held, fixed, or drone-mounted) and can detect and identify conditions of deterioration.

The system continues to improve and refine its findings over time, as it “learns” the specifics of each asset/structure and can automatically find red flags that require immediate attention. Unlike a human inspector, the T2D2 Damage Detector uses computer vision trained by hundreds of thousands of forensic images to recognize deterioration sooner and catalog exterior inspection data faster, more accurately, and with deeper levels of insight.

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