Tango Desk Booking & Reservation Tool

Tango Reserve empowers organizations with real-time visibility into the hybrid workplace, ensuring Employees are safe and productive

Tango Reserve from Tango, a provider of integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) software, is a desk booking and reservation tool. The widespread adoption of hybrid work models requires workplace visibility to make informed decisions on when to come into the office and why. With Tango Reserve, employees can see where and when others will be in the office, reserve an appropriate space, and safely navigate their workplace to meet with colleagues. When integrated with space management tool Tango Space, companies can manage their space while learning, in real-time, how to achieve target utilization and optimization rates and still provide the best employee experience.Desk Booking

“As more organizations are now targeting the fall and winter to officially return to the office in some capacity, whether in staggered schedules or smaller teams, we have seen an increased demand in workplace technology tools to make this new hybrid work reality possible. In this flexible and dynamic model, balancing productivity and collaboration with employee safety is a difficult, but necessary task,” said Tango President and CEO Pranav Tyagi. “Tango’s suite of workplace tools are designed to address the specific and changing requirements of the dynamic workplace by helping both employers and employees better manage their workplace experiences and feel empowered to choose the best places, spaces, and times to meet individual, departmental, and organizational needs.”

When looking for a good desk booking tool, there are some key features organizations should keep in mind to ensure their chosen tool is built to withstand continued changes to workplace policies and procedures. Using Tango Reserve, organizations have access to:

  • Book Space From Anywhere at Anytime – In modern workplaces, an employee may need to reserve a desk or workstation next to their colleagues, a parking spot if they’re commuting by car, a conference room for meetings, and even check out specialized equipment, all in advance of their workday. Easily accessed via a mobile app, Tango Reserve provides employers and employees with greater visibility into available space throughout the workplace.
  • See People and Spaces in Real-Time – The hybrid workplace is dynamic by definition and is in a constant state of change. Understanding real-time floor plans is a requirement of the evolving workplace. Tango Reserve provides employers and employees with the clarity to book space confidently. Additionally, the platform’s wayfinding capability automatically calculates the distances between every space in the office, giving employees additional insight into unfamiliar spaces before entering.
  • Make Better Space Decisions – To make the most efficient use of their workspace, employers need relevant, timely data on how their space is being used so that they may accurately forecast future demand. Recognizing trends can help businesses make informed decisions about the most valuable ways to use their space, including square footage they could do without. Tango Reserve collates reservation data with other workspace optimization metrics, then organizes it in ways that turn this information into actionable insights.
  • Manage Space Planning & Reservations from One System – By integrating desk booking software with an IWMS platform, organizations have greater visibility into their office space since all the data resides in one system. For instance, insights gathered from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, including blurred vision cameras and light detection and ranging (LiDAR) scanners, can determine when a reserved space is unoccupied but was never cancelled. This space can then be made available for a new reservation. Integrating with space management tools like Tango Space allows organizations to better track and manage existing space usage to improve workplace potential.

Tango Reserve is a purpose-built desk booking system that was designed as part of Tango Workplace, a next-gen IWMS focused on leading-edge technology, adaptability, constant innovation, and simplicity, to help businesses navigate today’s and tomorrow’s workplace challenges.


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