Tarkett Refreshes, Expands iQ® Granit And iQ® Eminent Collections 

Designed with healthcare facilities in mind, Tarkett's iQ flooring products help prevent the spread of infection, simplify maintenance, and support indoor air quality.

Tarkett North America has refreshed and expanded its iQ® Granit™ collection and introduced the coordinating iQ® Eminent™ collection within its high-performance homogeneous vinyl sheet and tile products. Designed with healthcare spaces in mind, Tarkett iQ flooring products are low-maintenance, durable enough to maintain their performance under high-traffic wear, and contribute to healthy, rejuvenating indoor environments.

“Created in Ronneby, Sweden, iQ Granit and iQ Eminent embody the very best of Scandinavian design,” said Janette Murray, senior design manager for Tarkett North America. “Every detail has a purpose, from superior infection control and softened acoustics options, to state-of-the-art technology that promises zero refinishing for the life of the floor. With organic patterns and a warm color palette, the collection is continually restored with a simple dry buffing—so your floor, your space and your people can maintain top performance.”

Tarkett iQ flooring
Tarkett North America has refreshed and expanded its iQ® Granit™ collection and introduced the coordinating iQ® Eminent™ collection.

iQ Granit’s soft, tonal chip designs are inspired by the beauty and resilience of natural stone. While the 43 available colorways from iQ Granit and iQ Granit Sense flow together, iQ Granit Sense is more tonal and iQ Granit offers more color variation in its visual accents.

iQ Granit Acoustic adds impact sound reduction, further enhancing spaces where quiet reflection and peaceful healing are desired.

“According to research, quieter healthcare settings have been shown to improve clinical efficiency, diminish stress, and support the healing process,” said Margaret Bartholomew, healthcare segment manager, Tarkett North America. “In addition to contributing to better indoor air quality, iQ Granit Acoustic reduces impact sound by 16 dB. These aren’t just floors—they’re the essential foundation to creating spaces for holistic wellness.”

“At a time when indoor air quality is of the utmost importance, prioritizing a healthy indoor environment should be top of mind,” said Dr. John McKeon, CEO of Allergy Standards Ltd. “Healthcare facilities are investing more and more in going ‘beyond code,’ to optimize healthier indoor air and healthy buildings. Tarkett’s dedication to prioritizing a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, not only of the indoor space, but also the people occupying that space, is very much aligned with our values of ESG and Scientific Excellence. We value Tarkett’s dedication to improving indoor air quality, and ultimately helping to improve lives.”

To optimize the indoor environment and support better indoor air quality (IAQ), iQ Granit is ortho-phthalate-free and CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® by Allergy Standards Ltd., a certification program endorsed by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

“Indoor air quality is so important for patients who have asthma and especially important in healthcare facilities,” said Kenneth Mendez, CEO and President of the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. “We congratulate Tarkett for their innovation and commitment to promoting healthy indoor air quality in healthcare facilities with the first CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® flooring that is designed specifically with the needs of healthcare facilities in mind.”

New to the North American market in the expanded collection are iQ Eminent & iQ Eminent Unisense™—two visuals with differing scales that offer greater color contrast and the handcrafted look of terrazzo. These collections offer a smaller, more refined palette of 25 colorways that coordinate with iQ Granit to enhance wayfinding and creative layouts.

Beyond their soothing aesthetics, Tarkett’s iQ homogeneous vinyl sheet products are scientifically engineered to prevent the spread of infection, simplify care and maintenance, and support better IAQ. Their proprietary iQ construction gives all Tarkett iQ products superior wear, stain, and abrasion resistance, as well as the ability to retain their original beauty over time with nothing more than an occasional dry buff – no wax of finish needed for the life of the floor.

This advanced composition also meets all the requirements for reducing the spread of pathogens, while maximizing return on investment. Installed with heat-welded seams, iQ homogeneous vinyl sheet floors have a continuous, scratch-resistant surface that reduce spaces that could potentially harbor mold or pathogens. Additionally, iQ’s flexible material can be formed to create an integral cove base between the floor and wall with a gentle radius to prevent accumulation of dust and dirt.

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