TeamScreen Distributed Workflow Collaboration

RGB Spectrum helps teams feel like they are in the same room even when they are not

TeamScreen from RGB Spectrum is an innovative approach to distributed workflow collaboration for remote workers. As businesses and governments increasingly shift to distributed workflows with remote teams, TeamScreen helps teams feel like they are in the same room whether they are seated across a facility or anywhere around the world. It provides persistent visibility to distributed workflows, improving collaboration for high performance remote teams.Distributed Workflow Collaboration

TeamScreen is not a video teleconferencing (VTC) solution or a bring your own device (BYOD) conference room collaboration system. It is something different. The distributed workflow collaboration system provides each team member with three screen types at the workstation—a Private Screen, a Shared Screen, and a TeamScreen.

The Private Screen is an independent workspace not visible to other team members, used, for example, for e-mail. The Shared Screen is where team members place content they intend to share with their team. Team members simply drag-and-drop content they wish to share from their Private Screen to their Shared Screen to distribute the content. TeamScreen displays chosen content from other team members in flexible windows that may be switched, moved, and resized as desired by each user. TeamScreen enables distributed teams to continuously share critical project information without adding multiple video teleconferences to the calendar.

TeamScreen can work alongside any video teleconferencing client or cloud collaboration tool. These are useful collaboration tools but provide a different set of capabilities, and for workflow graphics offer inconsistent image quality, strain PC performance, and raise security concerns. Unlike video teleconferencing clients, TeamScreen does not impact PC performance because it uses an external appliance to handle encoding, decoding, and encryption; it shares content securely with hardware-based AES-256 encryption. And unlike a VTC, each team member has access to a unique set of workflows.

“Distributed workflows demand new approaches to collaboration,” said Dan Marcus, Director of New Business Development at RGB Spectrum. “TeamScreen radically improves collaboration by providing persistent visibility to distributed workflows across remote teams.”


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