Teknion’s Expansion Cityline Furniture System

With a unique beam framework and robust accessories program, it creates workstations, collaborative spaces, and mixed-use areas

Expansion Cityline™ from Teknion Corporation is a furniture system based on the concept of planning for a workplace as diverse and dynamic as a modern city, adapting to a space and its required functions. It has a beam framework and accessories program that creates workstations, collaborative spaces, and mixed-use areas along with highly active settings that allow people to move, to gather, and to disperse when privacy and focus is desired.furniture system

Expansion Cityline’s design creates a beam infrastructure that maximizes office connectivity, serving as a structural spine and as an avenue for data and power to and through work and social zones across the office. The beam spans 12′ with minimum support for a clean aesthetic with ample legroom.

As structure, the beam permits 90° planning in multiple directions and supports configurations such as double and single-sided formats or acts as a simple, power-enabled fence that allows for direct plug-in to the beam. Several height-adjustable options, from a fully integrated casegoods-like application to freestanding height-adjustable tables, reconfigure either perpendicular to, or parallel to the casual beam fence. Electricity/data flowing through the beam along any path is accessible directly or via a power access door, power module, and grommets. The beam provides all the advantages of a panel but without the panel.

furniture systemA comprehensive program of Expansion Cityline accessories and screens enables people to work efficiently and effectively, while also contributing to “place-making”. A selection of freestanding and mounted screens divide space above and below the work surface and come in varied finishes and materials, including glass, writable glass, fabric, felt, magnetic glass, and metal whiteboard. Functional Screens add vertical storage on the work surface and Sit and Slide screens allow control of visual privacy.

furniture systemExpansion Cityline also offers storage trays, modular drawers, boxes, and “slim-bins” and a range of additional tools designed to maintain easy access to task lighting, mobile devices, mini-whiteboard, and other items. Drawer Modules, placed under the work surface or on top of any surface, organize work tools and personal items. Elevated Slim Cabinets provide light storage capacity and feature a magnetic glass marker board for added functionality. Elevated Desk Shelves can be used with movable Felt Units, Display Boards, and reconfigurable accessories such as the Tablet holder. Filing Drawer interiors reconfigure using Storage Organizers, designed with two segments for side-by-side or stacked use.

The Expansion Cityline collection allows people to access what is important to them, or what is required for a specific task. An extensive color palette encourages a playful or a subdued work environment. The furniture system integrates seamlessly with other Teknion product lines.