TempMaster® OmniCore™ 200 Series Simplifies Rooftop Retrofits

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The TempMaster® OmniCore™ 200 Series Packaged Cooling and Heating Units allow building owners to replace outdated 3 – 12.5 ton rooftop units simply and affordably – saving time, money, and materials by fitting directly on existing roof curbs without bulky curb adapters.

TempMaster® OmniCore™When building owners need to replace a rooftop HVAC unit that has reached the end of its life, they are typically forced to install a newer model from the same manufacturer to fit an existing curb, or install a unit from another manufacturer – but with the increased time and expense resulting from the need for a curb adapter to fit an existing base. Now there’s a better way to get advanced, cost-effective performance: the TempMaster® OmniCore™ 200 Series.

Configuration Flexibility Meets Advanced Technology

The compact OmniCore™ 200 cabinet is available in two heights and footprints that fit perfectly within many existing unit footprints, simplifying the transition process by avoiding material, labor, and height restrictions that transition curb solutions typically encounter. Configurations with cooling, gas heating, or electric heat provide additional options for a variety of installations. Three static drive options provide airflow versatility up to 2” ESP. And a choice of 2” or 4” filters (MERV 8 and 13) is provided, either of which can be easily converted without special tools.

TempMaster® OmniCore™ 200 rooftop units also feature hail guard or hinged panel options, economizer and fresh air and relief damper options, powered and unpowered convenience outlets, disconnect switches, and available smoke and CO2 detectors. A factory-installed TXV valve and temperature sensors, plus a full-perimeter base rail that fits existing curbs without needing an adapter, are both standard.

Every OmniCore™ 200 unit also comes standard with advanced Simplicity® Smart Equipment™, a digital control system that makes system setup, optimization, and maintenance far easier than older, electromechanical controls. Optional remote data access is available via our Mobile Access Port (MAP), and our Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) system is available to further reduce service steps. Simplicity® Smart Equipment™ benefits include:

  • An easy-to-read LCD display with navigational joystick and buttons
  • 24/7 real-time reporting and performance alerts viewable via web browser
  • On-board USB port for uploading or downloading software and unit information
  • Independent safety monitoring to ensure unit protection and easy troubleshooting
  • Building automation compatible with optional communication card; BACnet, N2 and ModBUS RTU protocols available

Maximized Efficiency Through Superior Quality

With cooling ratings of up to 15 SEER (12 EER) for ENERGY STAR® qualified products, OmniCore™ 200 rooftop units can cut energy costs as much as 40% compared to older units while using R410A refrigerant to provide a lower carbon footprint. Optional economizers incorporating low-leak capabilities meet ASHRAE 90.1-2012 and CA Title 24 energy efficiency standards; an advanced scroll compressor design utilizes fewer moving parts for a quieter, more reliable and efficient system; and both indoor and outdoor fans are dynamically balanced for reduced sound levels, enhanced performance and increased reliability.

Designed, engineered, and assembled in the United States, OmniCore™ 200 units – along with the entire TempMaster® product offering – are closely monitored and tested at the factory to ensure manufacturing processes result in the best quality possible. And we don’t stop there – rigorous salt-spray testing confirms the powder-paint exterior finish provides superior corrosion resistance versus pre-painted steel, and the cabinet’s top panel is embossed for increased structural support and rigidity. Even the single piece, roll-formed base rail material is stronger than competitors’ screwed-together, multi-segment rails to withstand wind and resist flexing during installation.

From the very beginning, TempMaster® OmniCore™ 200 Series Packaged Cooling and Heating Units were designed to be the best available in the industry, with special attention paid to the robustness of the design, partnering with the best suppliers, investing heavily in manufacturing facilities and providing world-class support in the field.

The TempMaster® OmniCore™ 200 Series Packaged Cooling and Heating Units give building owners a better way to replace outdated rooftop units – no costly curb adapters required. And with multiple configuration options, advanced digital controls, optimized efficiency, and industry-leading quality, the TempMaster® OmniCore™ Series has remastered packaged rooftop value.

Looking for the efficiency of TempMaster® packaged cooling and heating units in a larger configuration? Visit the TempMaster® website for the full selection of commercial rooftop units in capacities up to 65 tons.