TE’s ZHD for Industrial Cable Identification

Low Fire Hazard, Fluid Resistant Heat Shrinkable Marker Sleeves

ZHD from TE Connectivity is a versatile cable identification product. It is both low fire hazard and diesel resistant. With this combined advantage, train manufacturers and other industrial sectors can standardize and simplify wire recognition and remain compliant with the latest industry regulations.

cable identificationThe ZHD heat shrink identification marker sleeves for wire and cable identification are presented as cut sleeves organized in ladder format. They are manufactured using a specially developed radiation cross-linked, zero halogen material. The ZHD is available as part of a complete identification system. The system comprises specific printers, thermal transfer ribbons, and WINTOTAL software.

WinTotal is a label/marker design package that makes wire marker printing simple in an industrial environment. It features a graphical user interface to simplify operator training and minimize errors. WinTotal v6 runs on Windows and has 2,500 standard TE Connectivity (TE) Identification products pre-installed. Using the advanced editor, it is also possible to create complex layouts that relate to active data fields, giving a true WYSIWYG representation. WinTotal v6 now fully supports Unicode allowing for multilingual text to be printed using any or all of the languages required. If a character has a Unicode equivalent, then WinTotal v6 will display and print that character. If it can be written into a Microsoft application, it can be copied into WinTotal v6.

ZHD meets EN 45545-2 Hazard Level 2 and NFPA130 standards for fire safety in rail vehicles and complies with rail fluid resistance regulations and rail fire and smoke regulations, as well as meeting the UNIFE environmental standards. It is suitable for pre-termination cable identification across multiple applications in the rail, mass transit, aerospace, marine, and heavy industrial sectors that face harsh environments and conditions such as being able to resist fluids (diesel) and fire and smoke hazards.

With a temperature range of -67°F to 257°F, ZHD has a shrink ratio of 2:1 and is available in sleeve diameters from 3/32″ to 1½”. It is part of the complete TE Identification Solutions portfolio.

“ZHD offers train manufacturers a single product which enables inventory reduction, decreases set-up and change-over frequency, reduces training requirements, and improves standardization,” said Stephen Earley, product manager, TE. “We believe that it will be the new rail industry benchmark for heat shrink identification.”