The BACnet Institute Launches User Community

Geared for facility owners/operators and other stakeholders, this online resource is a portal to industry expertise about the BACnet protocol for building automation and control networks.

A User Community, or “Ask the Expert” forum, was recently launched on The BACnet Institute (TBI), an e-learning environment developed to serve as a central resource for BACnet-related education and information. This forum, targeted at end-users, facility operators, owner/operators, and building engineers, provides an opportunity for users to submit BACnet-related questions to be answered by a panel of experts.BACnet

Once a question is submitted through the Ask the Expert forum, it is discussed by a panel of experts who collectively determine an accurate, concise answer. All final answers are posted with the question on the Ask the Expert forum for all registered TBI users to view. Questions can be searched by topic and/or date range.

Beyond submitting a question, users can share past questions and answers from within the “Ask the Expert” forum via a share link in the post.

“We are thrilled to launch The BACnet Institute and provide a one-stop, 360 degree resource to learn about BACnet,” said Andy McMillan, president and managing director of BACnet International. “Having a combination of forums and community, an easily accessible resource library, and online courses answers a lot of the currently unanswered questions about where to send somebody if they truly want to learn more about BACnet.”

The User Community is open to anyone who registers on TBI. While registration is required, it is free. To set up an account, users should select the ‘Sign up now’ link on the TBI login page, which can be accessed here.