The next home office: the Bathroom???

Last Friday’s Wall Street Journal online had an entertaining piece by Jon Weinbach and Peggy Edersheim Kalb explaining how new levels of workaholism are now attainable courtesy of the latest technology. Yes, you guessed it…the home office bathroom.

Specifically, the article reports,

The humble bathroom, long a place of refuge and solitude, is playing quiet host to more workplace transactions. Bathroom business has gone way beyond tapping out furtive emails on a BlackBerry. Lately, more hard-driving homeowners have converted their loos into virtual satellite workspaces, with retractable desks or waterproof touch-screen monitors. Manufacturer Acquinox of New York says sales of its steam shower/whirlpool units — a hands-free phone is standard in each — nearly tripled last year to 14,800 modules. Wisconsin-based Seura, meanwhile, reports rising sales of its vanity mirrors, which feature LCD screens in the glass. The mirrors, starting at $2,400, let users check their tie-knot, then flip a switch to watch the embedded TV.

Is nothing sacred?