ThermaPANEL Heating and Cooling System Introduced

The eco-friendly heating and cooling system from Therma-HEXX improves efficiency, reduces energy costs, and eliminates onsite fossil fuels.

Therma-HEXX announced the launch of high-performance ThermaPANEL modular hydronic radiant heating and cooling systems for new and refurbished residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

The new interior system is environmentally friendly, improves efficiency, and saves space and money just as architects, contractors, and developers are facing mounting pressures to employ strategies that reduce fossil fuel consumption and control project costs.

The system is built upon the proven ThermaPANEL, which is a reliable and durable product in extreme exterior applications.

Evenly distributed heating and cooling is achieved through low-profile panels located in the ceiling, or in the floor when used for heating-only applications. Coupled with a high-efficiency , hydronic fluid is evenly and turbulently distributed throughout the individual panels in integrated, thermoformed micro-channels that enable even cooling and heating that is superior to traditional tubing-based systems. The breakthrough technology provides approximately 30% greater efficiency than forced air systems.

The patented ThermaPANEL allows for highly efficient, two-way transfer of energy, making it capable of radiantly heating and cooling indoor spaces with a single system. The heating and cooling system enable temperature-controlled zones throughout multiple spaces or within one space. It also eliminates drafts, noise, and hot or cold spots, as well as virtually eliminates the distribution of dust, allergens, contaminants, and airborne diseases.

The patented aluminum ThermaPANEL-TRAK system offers an easy, snap-together installation for any surface, framing system, or suspension system, and provides for the direct attachment of drywall or other surfaces. The system significantly reduces the space required for duct work with its nodular slim profile requiring only 1.5 inches of ceiling installation space.

Therma-HEXX has been installing advanced radiant technology for heating and snow-melting systems since 2011, tackling the most extreme weather situations across North America.

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