Three Reasons You Need A Building Energy Audit

Energy audits are a powerful way to uncover building changes that will save energy, reduce energy costs, and lead to better overall building performance.

Energy audits

The easiest way to save money in your commercial building is by understanding where it may be wasted. Energy audits are a powerful way to uncover building changes that will save energy, reduce energy costs, and lead to better overall building performance. Building audits should be completed on a yearly or even quarterly basis to measure the functional condition of major appliances and track energy usage. This small task allows you to prevent budget overages in the coming year and make sure your building is running at peak efficiency. If you have not completed an energy audit yet this year now is the time. Data from an energy audit can make 2023 financial planning simple and assure you enter the new year with extra money padding your budget.

Reason One: To Find Cost Saving Avenues

Energy audits equip facility managers to make low or no cost changes to their buildings that will save them money. Many recommendations can be implemented with ease and can save facility managers hundreds of dollars on monthly energy bills.

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Changes recommended by energy audits can be as easy as a change in lighting schedules or a simple adjustment to heating and cooling schedules. One minor change, like a change in lighting schedules, can lead to thousands of dollars saved.

Companies in metropolitan areas have seen up to an $80,000 reduction in annual energy costs from implementing simple changes to equipment, controls, and systems.

Reason Two: Take The Guesswork Out Of Maintenance Budgets

A building energy audit will allow you to measure the functional performance of large assets like HVACs, refrigeration systems and more. Auditors will use AI to capture and analyze data from appliances to diagnose problems before they happen.

This allows facility managers to perform predictive maintenance rather than waiting to perform reactive maintenance before outages occur. Reactive maintenance, which is maintenance performed after a problem occurs, can be extremely costly and put the comfort of both employees and customers at risk with prolonged outages, or worse, a loss in revenue due to having to stop operations.

Because predictive maintenance addresses problems before appliances stop working, it is highly cost-effective, saving roughly 8%-12% over preventive maintenance, and up to 40% over reactive maintenance. Predictive maintenance gives you the time to order parts, address maintenance needs, and extends the life of existing appliances, eliminating the need to purchase new machines.

Reason Three: To Make Budgeting For 2023 Easy

Collecting and being able to review data from an energy audit makes it easy to review needs for the coming year, make room for large appliance maintenance, and prevent unneeded purchases. With the saving avenues found, you will be able to enter 2023 with extra money padding your budget and more room for other needed purchases.

GridPoint’s energy audit will also make it easy to evaluate how implementing energy efficiency software like an energy management system could save your company money on energy and maintenance costs. Energy management systems provide immediate cost savings through energy reduction and can save you up to 30% on your energy bill from day one. An EMS performs daily evaluations on appliances and energy usage without the need for manual review, so you do not have to wait for yearly audits to make sure your building is running at peak performance. The best part? GridPoint’s energy software has no upfront cost, does not touch CapEx budget, and any recurring fees are covered by energy savings and utility incentives.

Try GridPoint’s energy management system for free today with a risk-free pilot!

How To Schedule A Building Energy Audit

It may feel logical to have in-house staff complete your energy audit because they are familiar with the building. However, saving avenues and hidden problems can often be missed by untrained eyes. Energy audits should be performed by experts, like GridPoint. Our auditors know exactly what to look for to find easy cost-saving avenues.

GridPoint’s energy audit is cost free and will send energy experts to evaluate up to five facility locations. Our auditors identify ways to improve your HVAC and lighting systems and reduce your overall operating costs. GridPoint then leverages the data from the energy audit to provide easy, actionable items proven to save your company money and make budgeting a breeze.

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