THROWBACK THURSDAY: Workplace Annoyances–Food In The Keyboard

Posted by Heidi Schwartz img-0006
Originally published on 5/16/2005, this story is part of FacilityBlog’s Throwback Thursday offering.

Most people eat at their desks at least once in their professional lives. Some of us always multitask through lunch (I know I do). But how many facility managers have had to deal with cleaning food out of keyboards?

Several years ago, Becky Roberts of TechRepublic contributed a funny article on the topic of the worst foods to eat over your keyboard. While some of the food references may be unfamiliar to U.S. audiences, the descriptions make it pretty clear. This article is worth reading alone for the proposing the idea of washing the keyboard through the dishwasher!*

See the how to video below if you’d like to try this yourself:

What other maintenance issues of this type can be expected? And is keyboard cleaning an FM responsibility? Or does it fall on IT?

*Note: the updated link was necessary in order to replace an article that was no longer available.