thyssenkrupp Elevator Introduces MAX Digital Service Packages

MAX Plus, MAX Pro and MAX Premium offer varying levels of real-time predictive maintenance service protection, ensuring smarter and safer building management.

thyssenkrupp Elevator has introduced three digital subscription packages for MAX, its cloud-based monitoring and predictive maintenance platform, which allow technicians to spot defects or problems before they occur and replace those potentially faulty parts and components, thus preventing elevator shutdowns.

elevator shutdowns
(Credit: thyssenkrupp Elevator)

Since 2015, thyssenkrupp has installed MAX on more than 82,000 elevators in the U.S. and 128,000 elevators in 10 countries worldwide, collecting data on components, systems and performance, which has helped building owners and managers achieve higher elevator and escalator uptime and longer product lifespans.

“When we launched MAX five years ago, IoT in the elevator industry was virtually unheard of, but we recognized a need for smart building solutions and created a predictive maintenance system that is already revolutionizing the elevator service industry as we know it,” said Kevin Lavallee, CEO of thyssenkrupp Elevator North America.

MAX Plus, MAX Pro and MAX Premium offer three levels of smarter equipment service, empowering building owners and managers to make their building operations more consistent and reliable. MAX Plus provides property managers with real-time elevator status updates and traffic patterns; MAX Pro allows technicians to take immediate action when an equipment failure has been detected to reduce equipment downtime; and MAX Premium includes equipment health monitoring and predictive action to recommend preemptive action if a potential failure is detected.

Each package includes IoT connection to a MAX virtual coach along with access via a web portal and mobile Android or iOS app. Users can also sign up to receive email notifications. Information obtained via MAX’s machine learning system is sent to a technician’s mobile device along with a service request, enabling earlier diagnosis and faster repairs.

Traffic statistics, real-time status, and failure alerts are a part of all three service packages, while auto response dispatching is available in the Pro and Premium packages only.

Meanwhile, the MAX team monitoring offering is exclusive to the Premium package. The team-monitoring feature includes an expert team performing a regular review of a building’s elevator usage, predictive analytics, and other relevant data. The team then provides recommendations to maximize uptime and keep building traffic moving at maximum efficiency. If the team predicts an upcoming elevator failure, they will pre-emptively send a technician to investigate and address this issue.

“Based on our MAX IoT platform, thyssenkrupp Elevator continues to expand its digital portfolio in North America, offering smart solutions that are driven by the growing needs of property managers to provide seamless, reliable elevator and escalator service to tenants,” added Jon Clarine, Head of Digital Services, thyssenkrupp Elevator North America.

Earlier this year, thyssenkrupp Elevator launched a robotics interface platform to assist with robot delivery services throughout buildings. By incorporating the elevator interface with delivery robots, building owners and managers can improve inhouse logistics, increase productivity and optimize the tenant experience.

In addition to robotics, thyssenkrupp also recently launched the AGILE elevator enhancement package, which uses advanced algorithms to dynamically adjust elevator dispatching to improve people flow by up to 30 percent. The AGILE package also enables property managers to control and manage their building in new ways, including the capability to personalize elevator touchscreens and kiosks with unique messages, colors, images or fonts.