Tick, Mosquito, Poison Ivy Control From Ivy Oaks Analytics

The company services summer camps, parks, and resorts, and others with control and monitoring services based on an analysis of the client site.

Based in Ashland, VA, Ivy Oaks Analytics is a public health control company that specializes in tick control, mosquito control, and poison ivy control and monitoring services to commercial recreation areas including summer camps, parks, and resorts. Ivy Oaks currently works with more than 120 commercial clients across 14 states, up from nine clients in 2016, with a 97% client return rate.tick control

Currently, commercial recreation areas greater than 25 acres have limited options for reducing ticks, gnats, mosquitoes, and poison ivy. Many areas simply do not implement any control measures due to this challenge. Control companies franchised to specialize in residential areas may attempt to service a larger commercial area using residential equipment and techniques which is often inadequate. Ivy Oaks Analytics is a company specifically developed for large areas that does not provide residential services.

The company’s process begins with a series of tick population tests to determine where ticks are concentrated, what species is present, and what life stage those ticks are in. Collected ticks can also be tested to inform clients what percentage of their ticks are infected with Lyme and other diseases. A similar analysis process is conducted to evaluate mosquito breeding zones and population levels as well as poison ivy growth concentrations. From these results, Ivy Oaks develops a tick control strategy based on real data of client population levels. These tests are conducted following all treatments to evaluate control outcomes and shifts in population concentration.tick control

Control strategies include landscape modification, host-oriented tick control, natural control options, and more. A typical client receives 3-5 treatments each summer in 30 day increments. The average treatment takes 1.5 hours due to use of highly specialized application equipment. Gnats, flies, and other pesky bugs are also reduced from treatments.

With growing prevalence of tick and mosquito diseases population levels are becoming a greater concern for the public. Currently state and local governments do not evaluate tick populations, mosquito levels, or similar threats when licensing outdoor recreation areas. Due to this there is no method for facility management and their customers to know how bad the mosquitoes are at a resort, or ticks are at a summer camp. Facility management clients that implement Ivy Oaks’ program receive an advanced public safety standards certification that is recognized by the Global Lyme Alliance. The Ivy Oaks certification is the lone credential that indicates each outdoor recreation areas tick and mosquito population levels.

All certified areas are listed on Ivy Oaks Analytics website which serves as a database of areas with advanced safety standards.

Using custom GPS measuring software Ivy Oaks can provide quotes within 48 hours of contact without physically visiting client facilities.


  1. Did I miss something here? The email headline asked, “What does it take to control poison ivy?” I saw nothing that answered that simple question. Otherwise a well written article. Sounds as though Ivy Oaks really has the science for tick and mosquito control covered.
    Still, I was wondering about poison ivy.

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