Tivoli Lighting Introduces Flexile Lighting Series

Flexile lighting is available in both black and white jackets, providing a 360° lighted surface that illuminates uniformly without shadowing.

LightingTivoli Lighting offers its Flexile Midnight and Daylight flexible lighting fixtures in black and white jackets to enable lighting designers to create unique lighting patterns without any shadowing. Created for interior aesthetic architectural applications, the new Flexile units provide dramatic color when lit and can deliver multiple patterns, movements, and schemes.

Designed as a high-efficient alternative to neon, both Flexile Midnight and Daylight provide a 360° lighted surface that illuminates uniformly with RGB mixing and multiple lengths.

Ideal for architectural, entertainment, commercial, and food-grade environments, Flexile Midnight and Daylight have a UV-stabilized silicone housing that resists saline solutions, acids, alkali, corrosive gases, yellowing, and cracking. The new units operate on low-voltage 12-volt DC power with precise dimming controlled by an SPI bus that sends data between microcontrollers and small peripherals such as shift registers, sensors, and SD cards.

With their 0.98” diameter, Flexile Midnight and Daylight offer superior flexibility that allows them to easily bend to any shape. Their matte black or white jacket eliminate glare with 1” pixel control and precise lighting management help with any demanding project. Both units have bending radiuses of 1.25” and are available with a variety of mounting options. They can be mounted by surface side and top power outlet; suspended top cable outlet; and suspended side cable outlet. Additional mounting options include 4’ and 6’ clear tubing for continuous straight runs with hardware that can be adjusted in the field. Also available are optional telescoping brackets that extend fixtures 13-24” for rigid suspension applications. Flexile Midnight and Daylight come in 2’, 4’, 6’6”, and 8’ lengths with custom lengths based on request.

Flexile Midnight and Daylight consume only 7.3 watts per foot. IP65-rated for wet applications, the products are UL, CE, and RoHS listed and will perform in temperatures from -13°F to 140°F with a 70,000-hour performance life. A three-year limited warranty comes standard.

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