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Emerson survey reveals that a majority of small U.S. companies do not have back up power systems.
Emerson survey reveals that a majority of small U.S. companies do not have back up power systems.


Energy Management & Lighting

Latest: Small Businesses Are Unprepared For Power Outages - Emerson survey reveals that a majority of small U.S. companies do not have back up power systems.

Small Businesses Are Unprepared For Power Outages

Emerson survey reveals that a majority of small U.S. companies do not have back up power systems.

Guest Commentary: What to Do About Pending “Green” Legislation

The bottom line is that green building legislation is coming—and companies, their CEOs, their SVPs of Real Estate, and their facilities managers need to get ready.

New Environmental Information Center From GE Debuts

Web site will help specifiers and customers cut speedier path to greater sustainability, bottom line gains.

Recreation Center Focus Of ASHRAE Student Design Competition

Groups will be presented with awards at ASHRAE's winter meeting in January 2009.

Bank of America Invests In Energy Management Firm

The Charlotte, NC-based financial institution recently announced its investment in Philadelphia-based technology and services company Field Diagnostics Services, Inc.

Guide to Assist Employers With Trip Fall Prevention

To help employers reduce and ultimately eliminate slips, trips and falls that continue to occur in workplaces, ASSE and ASTM recently announced the availability of a compendium including slip, trip, and fall prevention standards.

AT&T Joins Green Grid to Promote Data Center Energy Efficiency

AT&T Inc. announced its affiliate, AT&T Services Inc., has joined The Green Grid, the global consortium dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centers...

Juno Lighting Group Launches New Energy Calculator

Because rising energy costs and environmental pressures are becoming a major concern for customers, Juno Lighting Group has created the new Energy Plus Calculator™...

Haworth Light Wins Gold

Brazo, a LED task light introduced by Haworth, has been awarded a 2008 Gold Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA). The IDEA competition is a...

FM Issue: Powering Through The Data Center

Focusing on four major areas can contribute to successful power design in mission critical facilities.

Johnson Controls Acquires Energy Services Firm

The company has acquired PWI Energy, an independent global provider of energy and greenhouse gas management services, based in Philadelphia, PA. Terms of the...

Sustainable By Design: Toward An Energy Management Plan

Tackling the escalating issue of energy consumption and costs may take resolve.

Retro-Commissioning And Campus Planning

Retro-Commissioning, as the first step in a campus sustainability strategy, can reduce energy use in college and university buildings by 10% or more, making...

University of Maryland Reduces Energy Load By 20 Million kWh In Two Years

Comverge, Inc., a clean capacity provider through demand response and energy efficiency, recently announced the successful results of its demand response programs at the...

Lochinvar Corporation Honored By Department Of Defense

Lochinvar Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high efficiency water heaters, boilers, and pool heaters, has been named among the 2008 Secretary of Defense Employer...

GE To Take Low Voltage Offerings On The Road

GE Consumer & Industrial’s Electrical Distribution business will travel to 31 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada by January 2009. Beginning in August, GE’s...

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Recycling Fluorescent Lamps

This Web Exclusive comes from Mark A. Ceaser of OMNI/ajax Absolute Sorbent Technologies, Inc.Throughout the country, we have seen bans and regulatory control over...

Shift Changes To Save Gas

Changes in your employee work schedules can help ease the pain of today’s high gasoline costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Switching to a...

Market Transformation Taking Place with Free Advanced Energy Design Guide Downloads

Nine million tons of carbon dioxide. $600 million in energy costs.That’s the potential savings represented by 100,000 copies in the Advanced Energy Design Guide...

19th Annual Energy Efficiency Forum Addresses Energy And Climate Change Policies

Sponsored by the U.S. Energy Association and Johnson Controls, Inc., the event took place June 11 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC....

U.S. State Department Adds Sustainable Technology

Ambassador Paul E. Simons recently announced that the U.S. Embassy in Santiago, Chile will commission two new sustainable technology additions to the embassy’s heating,...

FM Frequency: Asking Tough Questions; Seeking Honest Answers

This month's column from Jeff Crane drifts into the realm of the radical.

Lighting Trends: Reinventing Light

New economic and environmental realities are pushing lighting technology into the next generation.

The HVAC Factor: Net-Zero-Energy Buildings

Can these types of facilities be market viable by 2030?

Services & Maintenance: Leaner, Greener Restrooms

No matter the facility, the "3Rs" can serve as a universal guideline for conserving resources.

Facility Fix: Chilling Out

This Q&A with Peter Whiteman illustrates how new chillers provide an energy efficient solution for a healthcare facility in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Top 5 Common Questions About Green Roofs

With the growth of the green roofing industry, some trends can now be identified. For instance, many early Green roof installations from five or six years ago involved building owners and developers who were very familiar with the technology and had a good understanding of the installation and care of a Green roof.

Sustainable By Design: Heating And Cooling Sourced From The Earth

In 2005, renewable sources provided 7% of the energy consumed in the U.S., according to the EIA; geothermal energy made up just 5% of that figure.

Trends: 2007 Year In Review

TFM takes a look back at the most influential trends of 2007

Sustainable By Design: Nature’s Best Ideas For Buildings

Biomimicry proves that imitation is the highest form of flattery. After all, millions of species can't be wrong.

Green Trends: The Color Of Energy

Before making purchases, facility managers need to define what the use of energy efficient technologies can do for their office building's carbon footprint.

FM Issue: Energy Savings

Conservation can be considered a story in two part harmony.

FM Issue: Fuel Trends In Standby Power Generation

Gaseous and bi-fuel gensets offer alternatives to diesel.

Services & Maintenance: Why Recycle Used Bulbs?

Careful lamp disposal methods can help keep harmful mercury out of the air.

FM Frequency: Summer School

FM Frequency Columnist Jeff Crane ponders electricity and reliability

FM Issue: Power Up

How are facility managers meeting mission critical power demands?

Sustainable By Design: Buying Renewable Energy Certificates

While one size does not fit all facilities, this energy purchase strategy can be beneficial for many.

Professional Development: In The Good Old Summertime

Contributor Larry Wash explains, as temps climb, fms can ensure high performance and lower energy bills.

Sustainable By Design: Financial Aid Available For Renewable Energy

Budget restrictions shouldn't curtail consumption control projects.

FM Frequency: Did He Say Pedal Power?!

FM Frequency Columnist Jeff Crane says there are hidden energy savings in every facility...sometimes you just have to look for them.

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