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The rebirth of carpooling

Gas prices have motivated some workers and their employers to consider commuting alternatives. Check out this report from NPR's Morning Edition to find out...

FM Frequency: A Disaster Checklist

FM Frequency Columnist Jeff Crane thinks asking the right questions will help facilities avoid the confusion and destruction just witnessed on the Gulf Coast.

Professional Development: Checkup And Tune-Up

Guest Columnist Michael Redding investigates how to develop a facilities management strategy for the long haul.

Mature employees present opportunities and challenges

The rapidly aging global workforce – caused mainly by the number of retirement-eligible employees continuing to work – is both a challenge and major...

Permanent staff superior to consultants

Hiring managers nationwide believe the quality of their permanent staffs to be significantly higher than the quality of their consulting staffs, according to the...

Facility managers allocating more $ for janitorial services

A slight trend toward increased janitorial budgets is underway in 2005, as facility managers across America acknowledge the importance of effective cleaning for occupant...

Tips for eyesight conservation

The average business professional spends 40-50 hours a week in front of a computer screen. Teachers are beginning to use the computer more...

News from IFMA Foundation and Board

The IFMA Foundation, a non-profit corporation providing education, research and scholarships for the benefit of facility management professionals and students, recently selected five new...

15 product standards updated

The Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) has issued revised editions of Standards-at-a-Glance, offering free-of-charge, uniform versions of 15 product standards. ANSI/BHMA standards establish requirements...

Implications of indoor airborne contaminants

InformeDesign® has launched Implications, a newsletter that investigates the effect of construction-based indoor airborne contaminants on occupant health, comfort, and productivity. This report was...

Wearily waiting for Wilma

Florida is bracing itself for Hurricane Wilma, predicted to make landfall on Sunday (10/23). Facility professionals in the area have a significant amount of...

Friday Funny: How many electricians does it take to change a lightbulb?

Yes, the old joke has a new twist, thanks to a safety ruling from the European Union. As a result of the EU's Working...

Sustainable Design Trends: Green Wants You

New environmental solutions help transition buildings into sustainability. From the October 2005 issue.

New interoperability guidelines from LONMARK International

Earlier this month, LONMARK International announced the release of Version 3.4 of the LONMARK Interoperability Guidelines, making it easier to install open, interoperable...

Tax deductions awarded for energy efficient lighting upgrades

Check out this interesting article on the financial incentives created by the Energy Policy Act of 2005. This information comes to facility managers courtesy...

Web Exclusive: The necessity of fire sprinkler upgrades (CASE STUDY INCLUDED)

This exclusive article was submitted by SimplexGrinnellCompliance with Nursing Home Sprinkler Law AchievedIn 2003, fire safety in nursing homes came to the forefront as...

Five "Fellows" from IFMA

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) has selected five members for its 2005 Class of IFMA Fellows. This year Jeffery L. Campbell, Ph.D., IFMA...

Five “Fellows” from IFMA

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) has selected five members for its 2005 Class of IFMA Fellows. This year Jeffery L. Campbell, Ph.D., IFMA...

November 1 SMART© Public Meeting in Dallas

Interested flooring purchasers are invited to attend the November 1 SMART© Public Meeting, which will be held from 2:00 - 5:00. The goal of...

Domestic violence in the workplace–reaching epidemic proportions?

An interesting commentary aired this morning on the radio program, Marketplace. In it, Commentator Brooke McMurray spelled out how domestic violence disrupts the workplace...


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