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Participants in the tour will learn first hand how this major institution anticipates future capital improvements using a comprehensive master plan (much like the one featured in TFM's July Showcase.

Participants in the tour will learn first hand how this major institution anticipates future capital improvements using a comprehensive master plan (much like the one featured in TFM's July Showcase.



Latest: Behind the scenes at Johns Hopkins - Participants in the tour will learn first hand how this major institution anticipates future capital improvements using a comprehensive master plan (much like the one featured in TFM's July Showcase.

Behind the scenes at Johns Hopkins

Participants in the tour will learn first hand how this major institution anticipates future capital improvements using a comprehensive master plan (much like the one featured in TFM's July Showcase.

Facility management nightmare: the fate of the Louisiana Superdome

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, some reports say the Superdome will be knocked down.This message comes from CNN:The Louisiana Superdome was so heavily...

Tricks Of The Trade: Training Facility Infrastructure

TFM Columnist Jim Elledge points to some resources regarding staffing levels.

USGBC to streamline LEED process

After offering many "suggestions" regarding the LEED program (including criticism of the paperwork-laden documentation process), environmentally minded facility managers should appreciate these developments, recently...

Paper bags and lit candles…not a good combo

Beni Suef, Egypt, more than 30 people were killed and another 60 injured in an accidental fire. The blaze started when an actor in an experimental play knocked over a candle on a set made entirely out of paper bags, while the play was being performed.

Green Solutions: A Second Chance For Carpet

Carpet reuse and recycling programs advance a company

FM Issue: Resourceful Reduction

Efforts to lessen the environmental impact of a facility can take on many forms.

Sustainable By Design: Save Water While Quenching Cooling Towers

With proper infrastructure and treatment in place, reusing water can be a viable option for a facility.

A special message about Katrina relief

TFM editors have received numerous announcements about generous and charitable donations being made by businesses across the country. However, this request for accommodation goes...

Free humidity guide

Building managers hoping to control HVAC costs and maximize comfort and safety can now access a free-of-charge “Temperature and Temperature/Humidity Mapping Guide” from Dickson...

California Energy Commission offers guide for testing air handling systems

Other briefs available from PIER at the esource Web site include topics of classroom lighting, small HVAC savings, and hybrid lighting fixtures.

Presidential faces get spa treatment

The cleaning work on Mount Rushmore has been successfully completed. The project involved pressure washing the faces of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore...

Nanontechnology challenges

Safety, health, and environmental professionals should develop safeguards to protect workers from nanoparticles that could enter their bloodstream or lungs, recommended American Society of...

Hurricane follow up

With Hurricane Katrina, one of the worst storms to ever hit the US mainland, leaving billions of dollars in property damage in her wake,...

9/13/05: Free Web seminar on new National Energy Policy Act

With the recent signing of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, Itron Inc. will host two online seminars to help understand some of the...

Corporate citizenship gaining ground

Successful global companies are integrating the reporting of their corporate citizenship activities into their firms’ basic business missions, according to a recent report released...

CRI partners with Florida DEP's Green Lodging Initiative

Last week, the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) announced it has joined forces with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to help Florida’s...

All about Hurricane Katrina

As of early August 29, approximately 52,000 people were in 240 shelters throughout the Gulf Coast area, with the majority in the New Orleans Superdome. In Mississippi streets and homes were flooded as far as six miles inland.

FM Frequency: Facility Assessments and Project/Budget Planning

A look at a residential facility can offer some much needed perspective on running a commercial facility.

Manufacturing job creation slows, but salaries for new hires climb

Although growth in manufacturing employment slowed this month, increasing difficulty in recruiting skilled workers to fill key positions is leading some employers to offer...

IFMA survey finds "green" building practices growing

According to IFMA's survey, facility management professionals report a continued increase in the use of green building practices. The vast majority, 70% of those responding to the online survey, reported implementing green concepts within their organization's facility.

IFMA survey finds “green” building practices growing

Earlier this year, TFM and Allsteel conducted a survey of facility managers to find out about their attitudes with regard to the sustainability movement....

Smithsonian Institute buildings deteriorating rapidly

Imagine having to patrol your facility with a wet vac every time it rained looking for pools of water. That’s exactly what staff members...

Special Report: Broken Bottle Flooring

An old process using recent technology can change the way flooring is thought about.

Base closings, round two

Yesterday, FacilityBlog mentioned the closure of several military bases around the country; today, more announcements have already been made—the most notable being the closure...

Katrina [and her waves] hit Florida

August is considered by some to be the beginning of the busiest part of the hurricane season, and yet, it's old news in Florida and other states in along the East Coast.

NYC finally gets serious about subway security

In the aftermath of last month's bombings in the London Underground, New York City has finally announced an aggressive plan to deal with terrorist...

Professional Development: Project Cost Saving Strategies

Guest Contributor Carl Haines says certain approaches may make it easier to keep construction affordable.

Security Trends: The Path of Most Resistance

Installing security systems in layers around the facility will decrease chances of a major security breach.

FM Issue: Cool Roofing

This green approach is one way to reduce the environmental impact of a building.

Services & Maintenance: Keep It Clean

Germ concerns boost restroom automation in some facilities.

The Facility Technologist: Data Centers Heating Up

Facility managers need to know which cooling system technologies can keep up with their equipment needs.

Sustainable By Design: Keeping E-Waste Out Of The Landfill

Facility managers can help the environment

Green Solutions: Cooling System Cuts Costs And Consumption

Thermal energy storage is helping to reduce energy costs for one Colorado school district.

Directions: Ensuring The Data Center

Commissioning and conducting regular testing to identify problems ahead of time are key to reliable operations.

Professional Development: Combining Facility And Project Management

Contributor John Bodrozic shares communal software approaches that keep fms on top of construction projects.

Special Report: Picking The Fluff Off A Heap

Throwing away garbage doesn't mean it will never turn up in a building again.

FM Issue: Fire Management and Building Codes

In providing an effective fire safety system, building codes are a significant part of the equation.

The Facility Technologist: Asset Tagging

From simple bar codes to far reaching radio signals, this electronic management strategy can put facility managers in control.

IAQ Trends: The Invisible Menace

Nanoparticles in the airstream can contribute to bad IAQ and health problems in facilities.

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