Tork PeakServe From Essity

This paper towel dispenser from Essity is designed to improve both the visitor and facility maintenance staff experience in high-traffic venues.

Introduced this week, Tork PeakServe™ Continuous™ Hand Towel System from Essity is a patented innovation designed for restrooms in high-traffic venues. Neither a folded towel or roll towel system, Tork PeakServe dispenses paper towels to users via a continuous flow, without interruption, tabbing, or jammed dispensers. Towels are also fed from the top of the stack, not the bottom, which generates smooth, one-at-a-time dispensing that requires very low pull force. For high-traffic venue management, this new system aims to provide a number of benefits.

venue management
Tork PeakServe Continuous Hand Towel System

Essity highlights research* that shows that dirty, overcrowded restrooms are the primary concern for guests at busy venues such as transportation hubs, concert arenas, and sports stadiums — moreso than long lines or traffic to and from these venues. For instance:

  • 71% of guests at high-traffic venues have had a bad restroom experience.
  • One in three guests who avoid going to the restrooms limit how much they eat and drink to do so.
  • Many visitors dread using restrooms in crowded venues for fear of poorly maintained facilities.

The Tork PeakServe Continuous Hand Towel System also focuses on the facility maintenance and cleaning staff experience.venue management

Low Maintenance. Each bundle of towels serves large crowds fast via continuous flow, without interruption, tabbing, or jamming which put dispensers out of order.

High Capacity. Compressed towels take up less space than regular towels, which enables a single PeakServe dispenser to hold 2,100 towels and serve up to 600 more guests between refills than traditional dispensers** (the highest capacity in the market). This gives staff more time to focus on other tasks during busy periods, without fear of product running out.

Increased Efficiency. Compressed hand towels also means that cleaning staff can carry double the load, reducing time spent traversing back and forth to stock restrooms. Also, Tork PeakServe is fully compatible with Essity’s Tork EasyCube™ intelligent facility cleaning —a cleaning management software that utilizes connected dispensers to provide facility staff real-time data on the status of dispenser levels.

Easy Refilling. Hand towels are fed through the dispenser so that compressed bundles latch onto each other when loaded, without disrupting continuous dispensing flow.

Decreases Restroom Wait Times. Guests often face long restroom lines in high-traffic venues. Tork PeakServe serves guests in three seconds, helping visitors to move in and out of the restroom quickly.

* Based on an IPSOS survey of 3,000 people in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Poland, and Sweden who have visited a high traffic venue in the past nine months
** Compared to traditional folded towel systems