Touchless Countertop Beverage Dispenser

The new addition to Elkay’s Smartwell® Collection offers more than 70 custom beverage options

Elkay, manufacturer of water delivery products, launched the newest product in their Smartwell® Collection. The Elkay Smartwell® Touchless Countertop Beverage Dispenser is a unit that dispenses custom beverages in an eco-friendly way, using either a touch screen or mobile device, for hands-free dispensing.

touchless countertop beverage dispenserThe countertop unit is designed to fit under standard kitchenette cabinets, not taking up valuable floor space, while sitting next to other breakroom or lobby essentials. If clearance and counter space is limited, there is also an optional cabinet that can be purchased separately to serve as a stand and storage for the extra flavor and enhancement pouches.

The Smartwell Countertop allows facility managers to give employees and guests a hands-free, hydrating experience that is both hygienic and sustainable. With touchless activation, users can create custom beverages and view nutritional information from a mobile device. Users can download the mobile app, scan the QR code, make selections, dispense, and enjoy fresh, filtered water, without having to touch the unit itself.

The dispenser provides an alternative to sugary beverages with filtered zero calorie water, and allows for customization with choices of filtered still or sparkling water and natural fruit flavors and enhancements. With more than 70 custom beverage options, the Smartwell Touchless Countertop Beverage Dispenser can hold up to four fruit flavors at once (10 total flavors available), including raspberry, lemon, and peach, as well as natural sweetener and enhancements, such as Vitamin C, electrolytes, and caffeine.

Smartwell can help save up to 152 pounds of single-use waste per month based on the facility beverage consumption (based on the average weight of an empty plastic bottle and aluminum can). The unit measures 32″ L x 23-4/5″ W x 18″ H, eliminating the need to store bulky cases of bottled water or cans, saving not only space but the cost of purchasing single-serve beverages, as well. It also utilizes compact, multiuse pouches that reduce waste from single-use plastic bottles and aluminum cans, helping companies and buildings sustain more eco-friendly practices.

The online portal monitors the unit and will send an alert when the flavor and enhancement pouches are running low so users know when it’s time to reorder.

“The new countertop version of Smartwell helps us offer more customization options for all office and facility sizes and consumption needs,” said Arti Lyde, General Manager, Smartwell. “As we begin to transition back to the office, people are looking for safe and thoughtful products such as the Smartwell Countertop, that offers the right solution when it comes to hygiene, sustainability, and cost savings—all while bringing fun, flavor, and healthy hydration.”

In addition to the recently launched Smartwell Countertop, the Smartwell® Collection also comes in a floor-standing option. Both styles are equipped with a chiller, filtration system, and touch screen interface with optional touchless dispensing. All Elkay Smartwell units are equipped with the Green Ticker™ feature, where users can see how much plastic bottle waste is saved.


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