Trendway’s Zero Waste To Landfill, BIFMA Certifications Announced

Independent certifying organization NSF International has awarded level® 1 certification for Trendway product categories including Choices® and Contrada® systems, Trig® Desking, Intrinsic® Freestanding, all Filing and Storage products, and TrendWall® Movable Walls.

level® is the multi-attribute sustainability standard certification program for the furniture industry. It was developed by BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association) to evaluate product sustainability from many perspectives, including a company’s social actions, energy usage, material selection and human and ecosystem health impacts.

“I am pleased that our team has achieved level 1 certification for all these product categories,” says Bill Bundy, Trendway President and CEO. “level has defined a path to help us advance our commitment to sustainability. At the same time, we are also enormously proud to announce that Trendway is a Zero Waste to Landfill company.”

Trendway’s Zero Waste to Landfill initiative was formalized in 2011 with the creation of a cross-functional committee dedicated to the task. “The biggest benchmark had to be when we cut our tonnage to landfill in half during the first year,” Trendway Environmental and Sustainability Manager Tom Geyer recalls, “And this was accomplished by people who have other responsibilities.”

Partnering with its waste management supplier to maximize material recycling, the company was able to achieve and maintain the goal of zero waste to landfill in 2012. “It seemed like a daunting task,” explains team member Steve Pritchard, “but everyone was engaged and committed. We accomplished things faster than we’d thought possible. It was one of the most rewarding things we’ve ever done here.”

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