Treston Releases AI-Powered Ergonomics Service

ErgoID is an AI-powered ergonomics service designed to reduce the occurrence of work-related MSDs and their resulting financial implications.


Treston's ErgoID Ergonomics Service
Treston’s ErgoID Ergonomics Service

Treston’s product, ErgoID, is an AI-powered ergonomics service designed to reduce the occurrence of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and the resulting financial implications they have on businesses. The average cost of a work-related injury leave in the US is $1,686 per day, including the cost of wage losses, medical expenses, administrative expenses, and employer costs. The total cost of MSDs to the US economy is estimated to be $45 to $54 billion per year.

The ergonomics assessment service operates under the tagline “Identify. Improve. Thrive.” It employs AI computer vision software and combines it with the expertise of Treston’s ergonomics specialists, to analyze work flows and provide comprehensive insights into workplace ergonomics.

While Treston is a supplier of ergonomic furniture, the company acknowledges that it’s not enough to solely provide top-of-the-line furniture to address the continuing problem of work-related MSDs. Employers and workers alike should also be equipped to identify poor ergonomic conditions and understand how to utilize their furniture properly, maximizing their investment in ergonomics. This basis is what drives Treston ErgoID services.

Employers and workers can choose from three assessment service packages: Starter, Pro, and Enterprise. From a one-time ergonomics assessment of a customer-recorded workflow video to a complete on-site evaluation and training, each package is tailored to specific needs and budgets of clients. Users receive personalized recommendations based on video assessment results, encompassing ergonomic improvement suggestions and proper positioning techniques, minimizing the risk of musculoskeletal issues.

The ErgoID ergonomics assessment service aims to eliminate the need for work interruptions and avoid the time and costs associated with other methods of ergonomics assessments, such as manual assessments, wearable technology, or hiring ergonomics consultants.

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