Tri-V Solvent Line by Chemtronics

Tri-V™ by Chemtronics® is a non-toxic, high performance solvent line. It replaces toxic chemicals like n-propyl bromide (nPB), trichloroethylene (TCE), and perchloroethylene (Perc). The powerful solutions are suitable for vapor degreasing, ultrasonic cleaning, and soak and wipe applications.

solventTri-V is non-flammable and can be used on energized equipment for safer cleaning without sacrificing performance or increasing cost. It is also stabilized and safe for metals such as aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and brass. In addition, the cleaners are non-corrosive (safe for sensitive materials) with a boiling point of 118° and no flash point.

Three products—Electro-Wash, Max-Kleen, and Flux-Off—make up the Tri-V high performance solvent line. Each penetrates hard to reach areas, evaporates quickly, and leaves no residue.

The Electro-Wash® Tri-V Precision Cleaner removes soil, oxides, flux, grease, oils, dirt, dust, and other contaminants from electronic components and assemblies. For use on transformers, circuit breakers, and the like, it comes in 12 ounce aerosols and one gallon, five gallon, and 53 gallon containers.

Max-Kleen™ Tri-V is a suitable solvent for most electronic and electrical applications. This industrial strength cleaner removes of all types of soils—including oxidized oil, tar, grime, and grease—from motors and relays. It is available in a 20 ounce aerosol and one gallon, five gallon, and 53 gallon containers with a dielectric strength of >30 kV (liquid).

Flux-Off® Tri-V Flux Remover is for removing heavy encrusted flux deposits from electronic assemblies; this helps ensure reliable circuitry. Some flux residue can promote short circuits and corrosion, degrading or destroying the printed circuit board. Flux-Off removes all types of lead-free, rosin (types R, RA, and RMA), no-clean, water soluble, and synthetic (type SA) flux. It is available in one gallon, five gallon, and 53 gallon containers. Suitable applications include heat sinks, plugs, sockets, and switches.