Tricks Of The Trade: Asset Management’s Market

By James C. Elledge, IFMA Fellow, CFM, FMA, RPA, RIAQM
Published in the August 2011 issue of Today’s Facility Manager

Q I actually have two questions: What is the estimated U.S. market size of facility management/asset management space? And how is this space segmented by market player?

Thomas Peterson
Golden Valley, MN

A Here are some numbers that provide a very large overview of commercial buildings (note: this data was current as of 2010):

Based on the 2003 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey, there were 4,859,000 commercial buildings in the U.S. totaling 71,658,000,000 square feet. This overall total was then broken down by different characteristics, such as building floorspace, principal activity, age, and region. One could use these categories to determine the total space that their product market covers.

In response to your second question, there is information based upon research conducted back in 2004 by Terrence O’Hanlon of This was the market share information estimated in that survey:

  • 18% Datastream
  • 17% Maximo/MRO
  • 16% SAP PM

Again, keep in mind that these three vendors, as of 2004, owned 51% of the computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) market. These vendors were followed by:

  • 5% Indus
  • 4% MicroMain
  • 3% JD Edwards/PeopleSoft
  • 2% Mincom
  • 2% Synergen

Another 4% of the CMMS market opted to custom design its own solutions in house.

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