Tricks Of The Trade: FM Licensing Requirements

By B. Kevin Folsom, CEP
Published in the September 2013 issue of Today’s Facility Manager

QDo facility management (FM) companies need special licensing to operate, aside from business license? A real estate brokers’ license is necessary if we directly handle lease administration, buying, and selling of property. Do we need this if planning to outsource this work initially?

Kevin Stephenson
Assistant Property Manager
Mountain States Properties
Johnson City, TN

A Today, a specific FM license is not required if the contracting facility manager (fm) is not directly performing services that a license is required for (e.g., plumbing, electrical, HVAC license, etc.) by the local building code office. If an fm is directly employed by a building owner, there are some liberties for location by location according to the local building codes office.

Aside from ensuring the FM company and employees have extensive experience specifically with your type of facility, a recommended degree would be architecture, engineering, or construction science. At the least, a contracting FM company should have a contractor/business license, proper liability insurance, workers comp on all of its employees, and auto insurance for all vehicles coming to your premises. Depending on the level of work performed, a review of their financial statements is also good due diligence.