Trimble Mixed-Reality Pilot Program With Brookfield GIS

This mixed reality program, the world's first for property and facilities management, explores solutions for workplaces of the future.

Trimble and Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions (Brookfield GIS) are collaborating on a mixed-reality program for the property and facilities management industry using Microsoft HoloLens and Trimble technology. The program is the first project to be launched in Brookfield GIS’ Building Digital Workplace Virtual Lab, a collaborative virtual environment for clients and end-users to explore a broad range of technologies, including the benefits of mixed-reality technology for property and facilities management. Corporate real estate owners and facilities managers can now experience applications that have the potential to redefine how facilities management services and projects are delivered.

Trimble Real Estate and Workplace Solutions is a leader in technologies that optimize the complete lifecycle of facilities and corporate real estate. The company’s Mixed-Reality Pilot Program provides architecture, engineering, construction, and operations companies an opportunity to experience how mixed-reality technology can transform the way they work. Mixed Reality Applications include SketchUp View; Connected Mine; Trimble Connect Beta; and Trimble Operations Beta (image seen here).

Brookfield GIS is a leading provider of real estate management services, facilities management services, project delivery services, and workplace solutions. As part of Trimble’s Mixed-Reality Pilot Program, Brookfield GIS is the first company to use Microsoft HoloLens within the property and facilities management industry. Pilots at the Building Digital Workplace Virtual Lab will focus on areas such as real-time holographic visualization of critical maintenance workflows, context-related operational data overlaid in the physical space, Building Information Modeling (BIM) integration, and remote real-time collaboration.

Technology investment at Brookfield GIS is focused on emerging solutions that meet its clients’ current and future challenges. Brookfield GIS currently leverages Trimble Manhattan™ software — an integrated workplace management system (IWMS), to provide the core financial system across its global portfolio. Building on this technology strategy, Trimble and Brookfield GIS are now making a step change to the pace of innovation advancement. Manhattan data will be displayed in a mixed-reality environment, with the aim of enabling greater visualization and streamlined work processes.

“We are excited to be collaborating with Brookfield GIS to explore technologies that will profoundly impact the future of the workplace,” said David George, general manager of Trimble’s Real Estate and Workplace Solutions. “The Building Digital Workplace Virtual Lab is an innovative way to work closely with clients to test new technologies such as the HoloLens in real-life scenarios for facilities and property management. This approach provides a collaborative forum that brings diverse thinking and a holistic approach to solving our clients’ operational challenges.”

“The rapid expansion and uptake of digital and smart workplace solutions means that employees are no longer defined by a purely physical space, and can instead function as agile teams with a digital readiness that was not previously possible,” said Jon McCormick, president and managing director Brookfield GIS Asia Pacific. “Together with Trimble, we have the opportunity to explore intelligent solutions for the workplaces of the future.”