TRINITY Video Surveillance by Veracity

TRINITY™ by Veracity is an IP network video surveillance solution that does not require a network video recorder (NVR). It is a three component system that includes the STREAMSCENE™ IP camera code, COLDSTORE™ storage system, and STREAMVIEW™ client player application (or third-party system).video surveillance

The TRINITY direct-to-storage system architecture eliminates the need for servers. Megapixel cameras record directly to COLDSTORE without the need for an NVR.

COLDSTORE is a network attached storage system (NAS) designed specifically for video surveillance systems. Its sequential filing system (SFS™) uses hard disks like video tapes. In the 3U format, COLDSTORE has a capacity of 120TB and uses approximately 60 watts along with any mix of SATA drive manufacturer, model, and capacity. The Compact version provides 16TB using 16 watts.

video surveillanceTRINITY handles up to 64 HD channels per COLDSTORE (including Compact). Any number of camera channel keys may be purchased at any time for upgrade. TRINITY-capable IP cameras (typically those which can support on-board third party applications such as video analytics and similar) currently include Axis Communications (ACAP), Hanwha Techwin (WiseNetIII), IQinVision (specific models), and ISD (all models)
 together with COLDSTORE and the client PC.

Multiple recording modes include standard, automatic failover, redundant, and camera internal (second-level failover). 
Re-syncing to COLDSTORE is automatic in case of network loss with internal second-level failover. Image resolution, quality, frame rate, and compression type are defined by the IP camera and configuration.

Users can play, pause, stop, fast-forward, rewind, play next, or get to a previous file from multiple channels and multiple COLDSTORES. In addition, STREAMVIEW incorporates a time-bar system. Post-recording pan-tilt-zoom is supported, as is 360° view de-warping.

STREAMVIEW allows the export of video clips (including audio and meta-data) for evidence purposes. Multiple export tasks may be setup and run concurrently. Entire disk volumes may be extracted from COLDSTORE if required for instant evidential seizure of large data volumes and replayed via the Veracity DISKPLAY (supported by STREAMVIEW and TRINITY Media SDK).