TruBTU® by Cambridge Engineering

HTHVTruBTU is an app by Cambridge Engineering. It allows end-users and specifying engineers to compare and contrast the heating capability available from HTHV (High Temperature Heating & Ventilation) space heating products with less efficient conventional direct-fired technologies.

TruBTU helps determine the best and most efficient means for heating and ventilating a space. It features comparisons of blow thru, draw thru, and recirculating systems with actual available heating output and usable heat under specific operating conditions. The application also provides outputs of the results in PDF format for distributing the information.

Cambridge Engineering’s direct-fired gas space heaters are sized for the heating and ventilation of commercial spaces. Documented to achieve 40% to 70% energy savings over other unit heaters or traditional boiler applications, they use 100% outside air for safe, efficient heating. In addition, they qualify for custom and prescriptive rebates from gas utility providers across the nation and may qualify for tax deductions under the EPAct recently extended by the President.

HTHV technologies are certified to a discharge temperature which is greater than or equal to 150°F and a temperature rise greater than or equal to 140°F. It has the ability to both heat and ventilate commercial and industrial structures. These heaters can provide heating, ventilation, and destratification all from the same piece of equipment.