Tubelite ForceFront Storm Hurricane/Impact Doors

ForceFront Storm hurricane/impact architectural entrance door systems help protect people and property in regions with hurricanes and storms.

Helping protect people and property, Tubelite Inc. has introduced its ForceFront Storm® hurricane/impact architectural entrance door systems with an expanded choice of approved hardware. These new door systems are ideally suited for low- and mid-rise retail, educational, hospitality, government and institutional buildings in regions with hurricanes and storms.

door systemsEngineered for compliance with High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) Wind Zone 3, large missile impact, these ForceFront Storm door systems also meet large missile impact glazing requirements for C, D, and E missile per Testing Application Standard (TAS) 201 and ASTM E1886-13a and E1996-17. They achieve up to 70 psf Design Pressure and meet the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) test standard for forced entry resistance.

Available as Standard Medium and Standard Wide Stile in 1.75-inch depths, or Monumental Medium and Monumental Wide Stile in 2-inch depths, Tubelite’s ForceFront Storm hurricane/impact side-hinged doors’ hardware choices from widely accepted industry sources include concealed vertical rod (CVR) and rim exit devices, active and inactive door lock assemblies, removable mullions, and continuous gear, offset pivot or butt hinges.

Featuring durable, tie-rod corner construction, Tubelite’s ForceFront Storm hurricane/impact side-hinged doors are supported with a lifetime warranty. The strength of this construction also allows contractors the flexibility of making adjustments in the field. Dry glazing, structural silicone glazing and VHB tape glazing options further support contractors’ labor-efficient needs. Recent improvements to the glazing stop design eliminate the need for screw applying the main stop to the door, reducing labor.

Tubelite’s ForceFront Storm hurricane/impact door systems accommodate various thicknesses of laminated and insulating laminated glass. The doors and frames can be specified with recycled aluminum. A choice of 21 standard colors in painted and anodized finishes are available, as well as an infinite number of custom colors and specialty options.