Tubelite Glazing System

The 400 4-Side SSG Cassette Series features proprietary anchors and glass-to-edge glazing

The 400 4-Side SSG Cassette Series from Tubelite Inc. is a glazing system for building envelopes in low- and mid-rise commercial curtainwall applications, such as retail centers, offices, health care facilities, and schools. The aluminum-framed, factory-fabricated, and factory-glazed system is field installed into the curtain wall grid with 2.5″ interior sightlines and the strength of variable-depth back members in sizes from 5-5/8″ to 10″.glazing system

This cassette system allows for Tubelite’s proprietary glass-to-edge glazing, accommodating 0.25″ thick glass to triple-glazed units, without the need for captured perimeter members. It also features pivot-and-slide head and jamb anchors, and roll-over dead load sill anchors for fast and accurate installation.

“No other manufacturer offers this concept and a U.S. patent is pending approval on a number of our unique Cassette Series features,” said Tim Fookes, Tubelite’s vice president of engineering. “This new system uses reliable screw spline construction and is designed for use with our time-tested 400 Series Curtainwall framing.”

glazing systemIn addition to its 400CW, 400T, 400SS, and 400TU curtainwall, Tubelite’s Cassette Series is compatible with its MaxBlock® sun shades and its door frames. The glazing system can also be modified to attach to other systems for retrofit applications.

Fookes added, “Our innovative Cassette Series—its efficient integration with other systems and its dependable performance—contribute to a complete, convenient installation. When contractors can save time in the field and make the best use of their available labor, by applying the four-side structural silicone seal under factory-controlled conditions, it helps the project team stay on schedule and within budget, as well as meet projects’ performance, sustainability, and aesthetic goals.”

glazing systemThe 400 4-Side SSG Cassette Series has passed testing for air and water infiltration, structural integrity, condensation resistance, and thermal performance. The aluminum used to produce all of Tubelite’s framing systems, sun shades, and light shelves can be extruded using EcoLuminum™, a high recycled-content aluminum billet composition. Anodized and painted finishes in a broad range of colors can be specified for the Cassette Series’ aluminum framing, snap-on perimeter closures, and optional horizontal and vertical accent covers. Durable finishes reduce buildings maintenance costs and enhance long life cycles.