Tweeting World FM Day!

Yes, World FM Day is finally here. And in honor of this event, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) is holding an interactive Q&A session on Twitter. The goal of the event and others today is to promote facility management‘s ideals worldwide, not only within the profession and industry, but also among governments and the general public.

Here’s how to participate:
* Simply follow IFMA on Twitter.
* Use the hashtag #worldfmday in your tweets.
* Respond to questions by including Q1, Q2, etc. in your tweets.

In conjunction with Global FM, IFMA and other member organizations on six different continents will celebrate World FM Day by organizing events such as luncheons, seminars, and workshops, or by undertaking any other activity to celebrate and promote facility management.

For more on World FM Day, watch this brief video inviting you to participate: