Two Humanscale Products Earn International Recognition

The Infinity task light wins Red Dot product award; OfficeIQ honored as a World Changing Idea Finalist by Fast Company.

Humanscale was recently awarded two honors for achievements in product design and innovation, bolstering the company’s status as a leading manufacturer.

Offering the highest quality LED lighting with smart settings for control and conservation, Humanscale’s Infinity is a 2017 Red Dot winner for Product Design. The task performance light was chosen as one of the top products of the year, excelling in criteria including innovation, formal quality, functionality, and ecological compatibility.

Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards debuted this year, drawing over 1,000 entries. Seeking the best projects and products that present tangible solutions to create a better world, the World Changing Idea Awards jury selected 12 winners from a strong pool of applicants. Humanscale and Tome’s OfficeIQ, a connected software solution that aims to transform offices into active intelligent workspaces, has been selected as a Finalist in the Health Category.


HumanscaleEvaluated according to the highest standards in design by a jury of award winning architects, designers, and experts around the world, Infinity is a 2017 Red Dot Product Winner. Humanscale’s newest ergonomic LED task light joins the company’s lineup of products with the coveted Red Dot Seal, including Horizon, QuickStand Lite, Diffrient World, Ballo, Trea, and the T7 Mobile Technology Cart.

Infinity’s exceptional design includes constant torque axis “forever” hinges and one-hand maneuverability for precise movement and enhanced flexibility. Producing 1500 lux illumination, Infinity offers best-of-class lighting output. An intuitive dimmer control customizes nine levels of light, and a passive infrared occupancy sensor conserves energy. Infinity seamlessly integrates technology into a refined yet highly flexible form for optimal usability. On July 3, Infinity will be honored among the 2017 Product Design Winners at the Red Dot Gala.


HumanscaleSelected by Fast Company as a World Changing Idea, OfficeIQ is the next game-changing concept for workplaces. Developed in partnership with Tome, a Detroit-based software company, it uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to promote employee health and well-being in the workplace. Using sensor technology from a lightweight, retrofittable box positioned on or under the work surface, OfficeIQ gathers data on sit/stand use, calculates incremental caloric expenditure, and provides opt-in users with real-time feedback on their activity at workstations.

Like a wearable, it gamifies the experience. Individuals can receive activity scores and alerts with smart sit/stand reminders, while companies receive anonymous data insights into occupancy and utilization rates. OfficeIQ was designed with a “Don’t be Creepy” policy to protect user privacy while providing employers with aggregated data. With new prototypes in the work for 2017, including wearable integration that collects data from workstations and from activities throughout the day, OfficeIQ promises to deliver users a more complete overview of their daily health and activity. The launch of OfficeIQ in January dovetailed with the release of two University-led research projects vital to demonstrating the true value of sit/stand and OfficeIQ implementation.