Two School Districts Win Safety Device

All Traffic Solutions recently announced the winners of its Traffic Safety Grant award—Eustace Independent School District in Eustace, TX and Lee County School District in Fort Myers, FL. The grant awards a radar speed display to the school(s) that best identifies traffic safety issues on or near their campus and clearly articulates how data captured by a radar speed display could significantly improve the safety of its community. All K-12 schools in the U.S. were eligible to apply.

“The grant submissions were outstanding,” said Scott Johnson, vice president of All Traffic Solutions, located in State College, PA. “We had schools submit You Tube videos, Google earth satellite images of their campus, and many chilling stories of near fatalities involving speeding cars in a school zone.”

Because of the high quality of the applications, All Traffic Solutions chose two winners this year, instead of the customary one.

Johnson continues, “A common factor across the applications was the shortage of police traffic resources within a community. Without enforcement, school zone speed requirements go unchecked. While a radar speed display does not replace a traffic safety officer, having a display dedicated to a school district will deliver critical data to the police department on the times of day when speeding occurs the most and the volume of traffic that disregards the posted speed limit. With this information, a police force can efficiently deploy resources at the right time thereby making the school zone safer.”

In addition to improving the safety of the students through speed reduction, the signs will play an important role in the education programs of local police departments. Award winner Lee County School District struggles with an influx of seasonal residents for about six months of the year. As the “snowbirds” begin to arrive, the police launch communication campaigns reminding drivers that school is in session. Lee County hopes to see an increase in school zone safety when the new radar speed display is deployed and plans to share the data from the signs with the local police department, the mayor’s office and city council.

Public ceremonies of the grant awards are being scheduled for the spring. All Traffic Solutions plans to continue and expand its grant program in 2010.


  1. This is kind of neat, not the traditional kind of grant but it’s definitely a nice addition to the community and school area and should result in less accidents.

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