UG2 Launches Facilities Maintenance Training & Innovation Lab

The new training lab will help UG2 employees advance their skills and encourage knowledge transfer, and also enable the company to build a workforce in the face of a talent shortage.

More than 40% of today’s skilled trade positions are held by people aged 45 and up. As these workers face retirement, there is a shortage of workers to fill their spots. Many younger workers have chosen four-year college and STEM fields; Adecco estimates that 31 million skilled trade positions will be vacant by 2020.

UG2 Training & Innovation Lab
UG2 team members cut the ribbon on the company’s new Training & Innovation Lab. From left to right, Dahianara Liranzo, Director of Human Resources; Jim Lane, SVP of Operations & Maintenance; Lauren Lanzillo, Director of Organizational Development; Lou Lanzillo – Founder & CEO; George Keches, SVP of Finance & Human Capital; Kat Luce, Director of Marketing & Communications; and Jeff Peterson, SVP of Strategy & Innovation. (Source: UG2)

To help expand its workforce during a time when many companies are competing for talent — particularly in the skilled trades — UG2 has launched the UG2 Training & Innovation Lab. The new, state-of-the-art facility is located in the integrated facility services and solutions company’s Natick, MA facility, and is designed to cultivate the next generation of world class Operations & Maintenance (O&M) professionals.

“UG2 is growing rapidly and we are constantly looking for what we call PHD candidates: people who are passionate, hardworking, and dedicated,” says Jim Lane, SVP, Operations & Maintenance at UG2. “Today’s tight labor market combined with an aging skilled trade workforce means that we need to invest in building our team. This new training lab will help us build our team the right way and ensure that we create a sustainable source for talented O&M employees.”

UG2’s Training & Innovation Lab will help:

  • Transfer knowledge from more experienced workers to those new to the trades.
  • Enable entry-level employees to advance in their careers by teaching them new skills. (For example, General Maintenance and trades can develop their skills to qualify for licensed certifications.)
  • Cross Training: Janitorial services professionals, for example, can be trained for O&M positions.
  • Keep pace with expanded scope of technology. UG2 uses many advanced technologies in delivering its services; this curriculum will help less experienced and entry-level workers build their technology skills.

“Facilities maintenance is an excellent career choice, and UG2 offers a wide variety of opportunities with potential for advancement,” says Lou Lanzillo, CEO at UG2. “Our PHDs are a direct line of contact with our client’s customers, and the UG2 Training & Innovation Lab solidifies our reputation as a five-star facility services provider.”

Curriculum at the UG2 Training & Innovation Lab includes courses on:

  • Pumps, Seals & Alignment
  • Building Automation Systems & Tools
  • HVAC & Multi-Stack Systems
  • 5-Star Customer Service Excellence

UG2 also partners with local high schools and the Massachusetts Maritime Academy to match interested students with internships, and has a formal certified apprenticeship program with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.