UHart Energy Efficiency Project Saves Over 5.3 Million kWh

Mantis Innovation designed a three-measure energy efficient project for the UHart campus based around LED lighting, controls, and HVAC.


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University of Hartford

Mantis Innovation completed an energy efficiency project designed and engineered for the University of Hartford, which will help the University meet its sustainability goals while decreasing costs by nearly $1 million annually.

The University of Hartford, a private university located in North Central Connecticut, pursued a comprehensive efficiency project to reduce the campus’ carbon footprint, lower energy costs, and decrease maintenance costs. Mantis Innovation designed a three-measure project for the campus based around LED lighting, controls, and HVAC. The complete overhaul and upgrades are expected to save the University of Hartford an estimated 5.3 million kWh annually, equaling an estimated savings of $955,000. The kWh savings seen through this project are equivalent to taking roughly 800 cars off the road every year.

Educational institutions have shifted focus in recent years to designing, upgrading, or implementing green solutions across campus buildings to both reduce their impact on the environment and ensure that these facilities operate in a more sustainable fashion long-term. The University of Hartford developed and continues to fulfill its mission of becoming a future-facing institution through sustainable solutions.

With this project engineered by Mantis Innovation, the campus will now feature:
• Modern LED lighting fixtures across campus
• Occupancy sensors to reduce light usage when rooms or halls are empty
• Rooftop unit optimization using sensors to setback units, resulting in units running when needed versus constantly
• Daylight sensors to reduce light usage based on availability of natural sunlight

These solutions lower the University’s energy usage, ultimately reducing its environmental impact while improving aesthetics, comfort, and facility control.

“We are thrilled to have completed a project that not only addresses our sustainability mission and goals, but also lowers our annual energy and maintenance costs,” said Chris Dupuis, Associate Vice President, Capital Planning and Management at the University of Hartford. “These savings give us the opportunity to reinvest this money into other benefits for our student body. The work done by Mantis Innovation brings our campus one step closer to reducing our carbon footprint, a top priority for the school.”

The Efficiency Solutions division of Mantis Innovation recently received the Eversource Energy Excellence Award for retrofit work in large business.

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