URC Smart Automation and Control

Two-way IP module delivers integration of URC’s Total Control system and Lutron’s QSX HomeWorks Processors

URC, provider of smart automation and control for residential and commercial applications, announced a two-way IP module for integration of its Total Control system with Lutron’s QSX HomeWorks processors. The module, which can be used to integrate with Lutron’s HQP7-1 and HQP7-2 processors, is available to authorized URC installers via URC’s dealer portal.automation and control

“This two-way IP module, developed natively by URC engineers in collaboration with Lutron, provides easy control of Lutron’s HomeWorks system and allows dealers to mix and match Lutron’s QS Wired and Wireless lighting systems for control from any URC Total Control user interface,” said Lars Granoe, URC VP of Product Development. “Better yet, it is easy for Total Control dealers to integrate since Total Control will pull in the programming from the Lutron system into the Total Control program.”

The integration of Lutron HomeWorks QSX processer with URC’s Total Control smart automation and control system allows URC Total Control authorized dealers to combine a Lutron Radio RA2 and Radio RA2 Select system into a single interface on a URC Total Control touch screen, with all room and zone names populated with the data received from the LEAP protocol.

Lutron’s HomeWorks QSX processor offers upgraded processing power and memory to support future features and enhancements, making it easier to design, install, activate, program, and service Lutron HomeWorks. URC will be adding support for Lutron’s Ketra system this month.

Total Control 2.0 is URC’s smart automation and control system featuring customizable GUIs (graphical user interface) and third-party integration. It is suitable for commercial facilities such as bars and restaurants, conference rooms and executive offices, common areas and amenities spaces in multi-dwelling units, hospitality, and classrooms.