USGBC to streamline LEED process

After offering many “suggestions” regarding the LEED program (including criticism of the paperwork-laden documentation process), environmentally minded facility managers should appreciate these developments, recently unveiled by Rick Fedrizzi, president & CEO of the USGBC.

• As part of our ongoing efforts to improve and refine LEED, USGBC has filed an application with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to become an ANSI accredited national standards developer for standards related to green building practices.

• The board of directors has approved a “LEED Refinement Plan” that will streamline the documentation and certification process, driving down soft costs and making it more user-friendly and responsive to project teams’ diverse needs. These changes will be integrated into LEED Version 2.2, scheduled for release this fall. We’re also kicking off the development of LEED Version 3, which will take into account Life Cycle Analysis, bioregional credit weightings, transport implications, speciated emissions criteria for indoor environmental quality, and will broaden the applicability of all LEED rating systems.