New Product Flash: Usher Mobile Identity Platform By MicroStrategy

Traditional forms of access control. As costs for cybercrime and fraud continue to rise, facility management professionals struggle to keep their security systems both safe and accessible. This is especially true in corporate, education, and government facilities, where identity systems can be particularly vulnerable and are sometimes outdated.

Plastic ID cards used for physical access are easily lost, stolen, or counterfeited—problems that can go on for days without being discovered. Additionally, physical ID cards grant entry based on possession, without regard to the card holder’s identity.

Usher from MicroStrategy is a unified, biometrically secured mobile identity platform designed to provide safe and appropriate access to every system across an enterprise. The offering can replace traditional forms of identity, like IDs, passwords, and tokens, with mobile identity badges on a smartphone.Usher biometrics on a smartphone.


Usher allows facility managers to:

  • Distribute keys to individual even when they are remote
  • Apply geography-based rules to manage usage
  • Instantly distribute or revoke keys for any individual

Since IDs can be created, distributed, updated, and revoked instantly from a secure console, it’s easier for administrator to manage. The location and status of those IDs can be monitored and analyzed at all times.