VARIDESK ProDesk 60 Electric

This new height-adjustable desk provides an attractive, easy to assemble solution for employees seeking a comfortable, flexible workstation.

A recent survey conducted by VARIDESK® focused on gauging millennials’ opinions of active workspaces versus traditional cubicle farms and how these different work environments affected turnover for employees of this age group. According to the survey results, millennials don’t want to work from a traditional cubicle; they want an active workspace design that supports movement, collaboration, and social interaction. The VARIDESK study surveyed 1,000 millennials, ages 22 to 35, who work in an office environment and from a desk.

According to the survey:

  • 75% of respondents would rather work in an active workspace than a traditional “cube.”
  • Of the respondents that work from an active workspace, 87% are satisfied with the space their employer provides. Only 57% of respondents without an active workspace are satisfied with their space.
  • For those who currently work from an active workspace, 65% said they would look for a new job within one year of moving back to a traditional cubicle.
  • Of those who still work from a traditional cubicle, 57% said they would be less likely to look for a new job if their employer invested in an active workspace.

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    VARIDESK ProDesk® 60 Electric

VARIDESK has introduced the latest addition to its line of active workspace furniture and accessories. The ProDesk® 60 Electric is a height-adjustable electric standing desk, and its design makes it one of the most stable and affordable on the market. And for ease of installation, the desk assembles in less than five minutes with no need for professional installers.

Priced at $995 delivered, the ProDesk 60 Electric features a heavy-duty frame with a first-of-its-kind stability crossbar, so it’s sturdy at any height. Users can transition from sitting to standing with the touch of a button; three programmable memory settings and a display screen make it easy to adjust the ProDesk 60 Electric to any height from 25.5″ to 50.5″. Customers can choose from a variety of finishes to match their facility’s décor, including black or white, as well as three wood finishes: butcher block, reclaimed wood, and dark workspace

“Every CEO I know is focused on recruiting and retaining top talent. The days of forcing people to work from a 6′ x 6′ cubicle are over and companies need to make their employees’ health and happiness top priorities,” said Jason McCann, co-founder and CEO of Coppell, TX-based VARIDESK. “Providing an active workspace to all employees has an enormous impact on organizational culture, energy and, most importantly, employee health and productivity. It’s what the workforce, especially the Millennial Generation, expects and we want to help make that a reality.”

“The cornerstone of every active workspace is a height-adjustable desk,” McCann added. “That’s why we designed the ProDesk 60 Electric to be affordable and easy to assemble, with the commercial-quality materials our customers have come to expect from VARIDESK. It’s the perfect solution for small-to-medium sized businesses that want to transform their office into an active workspace.”